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Building a World Without Poverty, Violence, and  War

how close are we?

what are the roles of LaRouche and Mary Baker Eddy?

  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche, June 25, 2003

Lyndon LaRouche
Lyndon LaRouche

A challenge greater than... 

 to celebrate
 our humanity 

Mary Baker Eddy
Mary Baker Eddy

Contrary to what we see unfolding in the world today, we are closer to the realization of the ancient dream of a world without war, violence, and poverty, than we have ever been before. In fact, its realization has become unavoidable. Only the form of its unfolding remains yet to be determined.

On what basis can I say such a thing?

In order to find an answer to this question it becomes necessary that we take stock of where we stand today, and what kind of a world we are moving towards. This process of looking at our world must, however, focus on two major elements. One is the presently unfolding strategic direction in the world. And the other is the presently chosen economic direction. The third part deals with the universal principle for uplifting them both that is very much in forefront today.

Let's look at the strategic direction first.

Today's strategic direction can best be understood in terms of the British imperial ideal, the direction for which had been envisioned many decades ago as a world ruled by a global world government acting as an enforcer of oligarchic objectives, presumably along the lines of the old colonial system. This global world government was envisioned to be enforced by a weapon of terror of such a great magnitude that all the world's nations would have no choice, but to surrender their sovereignty at the feet of this imperial world government which alone would possess such weapons. This is the global policy that came out of the H. G. Wells and Bertrand Russell workshops.

The tremendous push to develop the atomic bomb into the envisioned type of weapon was maintained throughout World War II by the imperial forces centered around the envisioned new world-order. The official argument for driving the American effort to develop the atomic bomb, was to beat Adolf Hitler to the punch. It was well known, however, to British intelligence, that Hitler had neither the resources nor the facilities to develop such a weapon, or had even the made the development of it a high priority project. In other words, the great impetus that drove the American project forward was based on a blatant intelligence lie. Nor was there ever a military imperative to drop the first nuclear bombs on Japanese cities, once they had been built, since the war was essentially over even before that time. Japan had been put into the grip of an air an naval siege that would would have forced its surrender in the near future without the tremendous bloodshed and without resorting to terror. The terror demonstration in Japan was evidently required for a different purpose, for which the war appears to have been actually prolonged, to push forward the long standing imperial object to impose an imperial world government.

The same objective is still being pursued. The present American imperial objective, as outlined by its present leaders as their "Project for the New American Century" incorporates all the essential features of the Wells/Russell ideology for world control under the reign of terror. Indeed, the nuclear bomb has been brought more more prominently into this sphere in recent months under this project. In a single act the long standing accepted role of the nuclear arsenal as a weapon of last resort, has been been scrapped. America's nuclear weaponry has now been put on the shelf along with all the other weapons to be used at will for preemptive imperial objectives. Of course this development had been intended, and has been carefully planed and implemented under the cover intelligence lies as in bygone days.

So, where does this leave us?

Let us look at this question in the light of all the pervious wars in human history, especially the big ones from the Thirty Years War on to World War I and II, and the Cold War. All of these wars happened as the result of imposed imperial policies that society had closed its eyes and minds to, and its leaders had behaved like fools in the same respect, if not as willing or unwitting collaborators.

Mankind's historic experience has been, that once the bullets start flying, the long built-up ejaculation of violence and destruction always plays itself out to the bitter end until society has exhausted its human and economic resources. That's historically when the war-games collapse.

The cold war suffered a small setback when one of its major players, the Soviet Union, collapsed economically from the burden of conducting the war. In real terms, however, the Cold War isn't over. It won't be over untill the last vestige of the Wells/Russell ideological platform has been scrapped by society, globally. Until this happens the drums of war keep on sounding in society's march towards nuclear war, and those drums are getting lauder almost by the day. Once the threshold is crossed, and the nuclear bombs start flying, all the previous experiences in history will likely be repeated. There simply is no such thing in the real world as conducting a "limited nuclear war." The phrase is a contradiction in language according to all that humanity has experienced before.

In assessing the outcome of a nuclear war, the Hiroshima experience cannot be used as a yardstick. That experience occurred when there were only three nuclear bombs existing in the world. Two of them were dropped, and the third one was eventually canceled. Also, these bombs were mere fire crackers by today's standard. Nor do we have just three of these hugely bigger bombs existing in the world today. Humanity has amassed more than twenty thousand of them, and these are not just in the hands of a single nation, but are owned by at least six nations, if not more, with the greatest of these nations now vigorously threatening the world with them.

When Donald Rumsfeld threatens to transform the nuclear technology centers of Iran and North Korea into "a hole in the ground," he speaks from a position of power with the resources at hand to accomplish that. A single medium sized nuclear bomb would be sufficient to turn even the biggest nuclear power complex in the world into hole in the ground. This potential has been well demonstrated in 1954, when such a blast evaporated an entire Pacific island and left a hole in the sea bed 175 feet deep and a mile in diameter. If it ever comes to the moment when an entire nuclear power facility is eradicated in this manner, as is being proposed by insane men with great power, the resulting radioactive fallout will likely make the infamous Chernobyl incidence appear absolutely miniscule in comparison. Nor will it be likely that any of the equally threatened nations in the world will sit idly by and wait for their turn to come, without intervening in some form with an escalating response.

Yes, the end result will likely be a world without war - without violence, poverty, and terror - but it will be a world without a human voice to be heard in it.

Fortunately, there exists an alternative to this near certain fate that we are fast moving towards. This alternative involves a global change in policy in the relationships of human beings to one another. The current mortal danger requires us to seek a higher platform than the one on which our fate is now virtually sealed. This higher platform is a platform of universal principles. The policy that assures our survival requires of us a recognition, understanding, and acknowledgement of the Principle that supports the necessary higher platform of existence. That constitutes our only hope.

There exist no hope on the present platform of confrontational pursuites, much less any hope to obsolete the Wells/Russell platform of nuclear terror politics. Nothing will ever be resolved for as long as the defense of humanity is to be staged on the same low level platform than that on which the nuclear terror ideology is founded, which happens to be the platform on which the world presently operates. We therefore need to rise above that platform in order to be able to get away from it, and from the ensuing consequences of the danger it has brought upon us.

The nature of this necessary higher platform is indicated by the principles that we find reflected in all the bright periods in human history, and their underlying universal Principle. The summary term of that higher universal Principle is "universal Love." All the bright periods in human history were faint reflections of this higher Principle. Except the implementation of this Principle has to go deeper today than ever before. This is required, because the crisis that we face today is infinitely more ominous than any crisis that humanity has ever faced. The implementation of this Principle has to be brought into even the deepest hidden recesses of our private relationships where the Principle of universal love is presently rejected out of hand. Nor is it a small challenge to develop the needed platform in this sphere on which universal love may stand and unfold. Of course, the potential freedoms resulting from such a process are equally as great as the challenges are, if not greater, and may well be sufficient to preserve and protect our civilization, which may otherwise not survive.

I have explored this dimension in a series of five novels with the summary title, The Lodging for the Rose. The series has been designed to explore the principle of universal love and its potential unfolding at the grassroots social domain where such an unfolding has never been achieved before. In fact, it appears that mankind has become accustomed over many centuries not to celebrate the wondrous nature of its humanity. When a success is finally achieved in this regard, we will find that our world will indeed be a world without war, terror, violence and poverty, and this not in the form of a silent world. It will likely be a world resounding with the voices of joy.

And how close are we to implementing this option? I think we are closer to this point than ever before, because this point is really our natural default point that we invariably end up at, since we really have no other options open to us if want to continue to exist.

We also face a similar situation in the economic sphere.

It is really no secret anymore to many that the present economic scene is disintegrating. Jobs have been disappearing on a vast scale, practically all over the world. Whole industries are being shut down. Infrastructures crumble into dust. Even in the world's richest country, the USA, 46 out 50 state governments are technically bankrupt. Emergency shutdowns of vital services, even life-saving services, are being pursued in a vain effort to somehow balance the books temporarily, which only makes the resulting situation worse.

Oh, but how did we get into this mess? Who is responsible for this catastrophic blunder? No one really is, because the present situation isn't the result of a blunder. It has been created by intent. The intent was forged before the USA was even born.

The British Empire found itself faced with a grave challenge when the intellectual movements began to unfold in its American colonies that clamored for society's independence. It became plain to Lord Shelburne of the British East India Company, that if this independence movement were tom be allowed to sweep across the world, the British Empire would cease to exist in short order.

"How do we stop this?" he may have asked his chief scribbler, Adam Smith, in a carriage ride from Edinburgh. Adam's answer might have been, "Free-Trade!" and the imposition of "greed based economics." He must have been especially fond of greed based economics angle, realizing that if this kind of platform was powerful enough to bring the mighty Roman Empire to its knees by its own initiative, it would certainly be sufficient to destroy the new American republic economically if it ever came to be created.

Well, it appears that Adam's advise was accepted. He was officially commissioned to pursue both projects. When the USA was later founded, and as Shelburne may have feared, it couldn't be defeated on the battle field, Adam's free-trade weapon was quietly inserted into the peace treaty the ceded the former American colonies their independence. 

Yes, Adam's weapon worked well. It brought the whole house down. However, with the American republic facing bankruptcy a few years later, the American Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton discovered the ruse and reversed the American response to it.

Still, Adam Smith won his game in the end. Hamilton had created an economy of independent manufacturer, protected by the state behind tariff barriers. The building up of the country was put on a platform of state protection and state credits from a national bank that enabled the entrepreneurial spirit of society thrive and enrich the nation in accord with the general welfare principle on which the nation had been founded.

This platform was destroyed in 1877 by an act of Congress, called the Specie Resumption Act which overturned the principle of the sovereignty of society. The act took away the nation's currency and made its subject to a foreign currency that was no longer under its control. The passing of this act of Congress may be counted as the first major victory of Adam Smith's super weapon of greed based economics. The creation of the Federal Reserve system in 1913, which finally and totally shifted the entire economic domain of the nation into the private hands of few greedy bankers, fully cemented the process of greed based economics into place, which is essentially designed to loot society by legal means. As one might expect, shortly thereafter the nation's economic system began to collapse and has continued to collapse ever since.

Only once has the economic system of the USA been allowed to operate on its native platform, the general welfare principle, during that period. This brief interlude occurred during the Franklin Delanor Roosevelt years when an economically strong America was needed to rescue the Empire from its own creation, the mad dictator Adolf Hitler which it had financed into power. However, as soon as World War II ended and Roosevelt died, the financial system that he had created was quietly shifted back onto the old imperial platform.

The problem with this is, that the impeial platform has no principle. It is a counter-economic system by its very design. There is nothing in it in terms of a universal principle that supports the functioning of a productive economy. Only the general welfare principle can assure that, and that is presently being vehemently rejected by every single one of the advocates of greed based economics which have become legions by now. These advocates all dream of wealth, while they create poverty for society, and thereby ultimately for themselves.

Society should realize that no matter how strongly the stealing from one another, and from society as a whole, is supported by legislation in order to protect the thieves, the enacted legislation cannot change the Principle of the universe and its own manifest in the principle of economics. Thus, the economic and financial collapse of society, which unfolds outside of the sphere on this Principle, continues, and with it continues the collapse of the wealth of society that once existed. The end result is now becoming dramatically apparent.

The severity of our present economic tragedy is best illustrated by the following two graphic illustrations. The first illustrates a naturally functioning economy, and the second illustrates what we have today.

Figure A

 Figure A illustrates the functioning of an economy that is based on the general welfare principle. In such an economy the physical production of wealth in terms of what society requires to exist and to prosper, and to develop itself, is constantly increasing by the fruits of human ingenuity reflected in a greater abundance of necessary physical products.  The financial values, such as stocks, bonds, and money in circulation, are increasing in such a system in the same proportion by the dynamics of its growth.

Figure B - (developed by Lyndon LaRouche in 1995)

In a greed based economic system, as shown in Figure B, the opposite happens. The ravishing effect of the economic theft and disinvestments that typify a greed based system collapses the physical economy of a nation and the world, and with it the wealth of society. At the same time as the physical economy is collapsing, however, the perceived value of the acquired (stolen) financial aggregates in such a system, are leveraged into the stratosphere where they become actually irrelevant in physical terms since no longer represent anything of real useful value.

Ironically, it is this pyramid of dreams, which has become disassociated from the real world, that is used today as a basis for measuring society's wealth and well-being. In fact, the entire system is based on this perversion of reality that is essentially a big lie. The entire system has become like a great house of cards, all carefully balanced, which the next storm blows away as it always has in history, that is already on the horizon. There simply exists no possibility that one can reconcile the fundamental differences between the processes illustrated in Figure A and B.

No amount of fakery, lying, or emergency measures, can make the 'B' system productive, or even extent its precarious existence indefinitely.

The Figure B illustration was developed by the American economist, statesman, and presidential pre-candidate, Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.. It was developed in the 1995 timeframe for a conference at the Vatican to illustrated why the social support structures were being eroded all over the world. The illustration does not represent absolute values, but illustrates the trends involved. The real values are probably much worse. In any case, the illustration shows, in comparison with Figure A, that the present system finished beyond repair. It is gone. It cannot be resurrected. It can only be shut down completely before it kills many more people. It needs to be shut down in an orderly bankruptcy proceeding in which, whatever still remains of society's economy, becomes protected, after which the system can be rebuilt on the platform of the general welfare principle as shown in Figure A. Unfortunately, nobody wants to hear of that option.

Our present global financial and economic system, with a few exceptions, can be likened to an airplane that once had cruised at 40,000 feet altitude. At one point the captain had announced that he was ordered to shut the engines down to conserve fuel. The passengers accepted this. After all, the stockholders are entitled to their loot that is due to their overvalued papers. The passengers had even cheered when the engines became silent, which had created a quieter environment for sleeping. No one really cared that the plane was gradually loosing altitude.

Only when the plane barely missed one of the mountain peaks below its path are the people startled into action. They storm the cockpit and shout to the captain, "Don't crash. Don't crash!"

Suddenly someone intervenes amidst the yelling and shouts to the captain, "Turn the engines back on." But before he is even finished speaking he is pushed out of the cockpit. They shout at him, "Shut up, that's not our way of doing things." And so the chanting continues to the captain, "Don't crash! Don't crash."

Well, what can the poor captain do, who is bound to his orders and to public opinion?

In today's financial world the captain's emergency response has been to throw up a wall of money to somehow protect the collapsing system from crashing. But instead of helping society, this desperate intervention made the system even more precarious.

Figure C - (updated by LaRouche)

As you can see in Figure C, the flood of printing press money is now significantly greater than even the inflated values that it is supposed to protect. Obviously that approach won't work either. While this approach loots whatever savings society has still left, the resulting hyperinflation will in due course blow the entire house of cards down.

As for our airplane over the mountain with its engines shut off, even children will recognize that the plane is bound to crash. The same fate lies before us for the real economic system, and this with the same certainty in its unfolding, but strangely, society fails to recognize what children can recognize for its metaphoric equivalent. Society also fails to realize, that before the crash occurs, its existence can still be saved. All it needs to do is dump the insanity it has committed itself to, and turn the engines back on. The system of insanity that is presently killing humanity, cannot be saved or be prolonged by any means, nor should it be saved or be prolonged. It should be scrapped hastily.

So what about my promise then, that we have come very close to having a world without poverty?

Actually, that is not a tough promise to make. That outcome is inevitable either way. If we scrap the present system of insanity and turn the engines back on, we will not only survive, but be able in real terms to create a world without poverty as a matter of Principle. If, on the other hand, we chose to stick with the system of insanity that has never functioned productively in its entire existence, and therefore go down with the ship, we will also create a world without poverty. In the anarchy of a collapsing world the concept of poverty becomes actually meaningless.

But that is not where we want to be, right? Thus it becomes our task to see ourselves as a society that has been duped for decades, even centuries, which will inspire us to lift ourselves above the ensuing madness and urge the captain,- no, we must demand him - to turn the engines back on before the inevitable happens.

Raising the platform to a higher level.

That is the approach that we must take, always. Sure, that's not a small task, but it is the only path that offers any hope and has become the minimal requirement, because of the mounting severity of the consequences that we face if we fail to succeed. Indeed, the task that we face in our modern world, in protecting ourselves, is greater today than in all of human history. In order to master this task and win our freedom from war and poverty, that has become essential for us in order to survive, we need to focus on all the tallest principles that we have discovered and utilized in the past, such as the general welfare principle, and then raise the platform for their application to a still higher level.

We have to learn to work from a higher level platform than that on which the problem is defined. Otherwise, our victory is not assured. Indeed, every lesser approach has already been proven to be ineffective.

LaRouche's approach.

The American statesman and economist, Lyndon LaRouche, understood for a long time the necessity for addressing society's problems from a higher standpoint than that by which the problem is defined. He recognized this to be a universal principle, and had already suggested its implementation in the mid 1980s as a means for solving the nuclear weapons challenge of the Cold War.

In this particular case, he proposed that society create a decisive barrier against offensive missiles and warheads. That barrier was designed to rest on technology based on new physical principles, like high energy beam weapons that promised to have the potential to be more efficient than the offensive technology could ever be, possibly by several orders of magnitude. With such a system the physical security of humanity could have been assured.

Lyndon LaRouche also raised the platform in the political domain to a higher level. 

He proposed at the same time that the new defensive technology, based on new physical principles, be jointly developed with the participation of all nations, especially the Soviet Union. This cooperative approach was proposed as a means to lift humanity out of its confrontational mode unto a platform of higher humanist principles, such as the principle of cooperative technological and economic development for the common good, on which humanity's real security ultimately rests. The scientific and technological fallout from such a project on a global scale would have been so substantial that it would have enriched the economies of all nations involved.

LaRouche's approach to uplift humanity onto a higher platforms in both arena in which the Cold War was conducted, came close to being accepted. 

His idea to create a defensive barrier based on higher level physical principles was accepted and put forward by President Regan as America's famous Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). And for the cooperative approach, Lyndon LaRouche himself, on behalf of the Regan administration, conducted a series of back channel discussions with representatives of the Soviet Union. Even that approach was accepted in principle. The Soviet representatives also understood that if they would choose to develop such a system on their own, the burden would be so great that it would wreck their economy and collapse it in five years.

History tells us that a short time after the proposals were made, all efforts in progress were crushed by a cabal of traitors in high places who acted fast to keep the imperial project, which the Cold War was (and still is), alive. In the shadow of this attack, which was really an attack to deny humanity a higher platform of freedom, a platform on which the imperial system could never survive, LaRouche was railroaded into prison in what has been called by the form U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, the greatest deliberate judicial misconduct and abuse of judicial power by the U.S. Federal Government in the entire history of the USA, up to this time.

History also shows that six years after the proposals were crushed, the Soviet Union collapsed economically and ceased to exist. The modern Missile Defense system is a hopeless dream that doesn't have a chance of coming true, since the goal is to be pursued on the same platform that has created the problem in the first place. Nor do the economic resources exist anymore, anywhere in the world, to implement even a minimally workable system.

The traitors did not win their war, however, against LaRouche. Even while in jail, LaRouche continued to put forward proposals for uplifting humanity onto a higher operating platform than that of the collapsing economic system that was already then, destroying the foundation of society. One proposal from this era was his famous Productive Triangle Policy proposal. His proposal was to create a new economic cooperation environment for the post Soviet era. The proposal would draw together the strongest industrial centers of Europe, bounded by Paris, Berlin, Vienna, in a spherical triangle of the size approximately equal to the territory of Japan, encompassing the great industrial regions of northern France, western and eastern Germany, and parts of former Czechoslovakia and Austria. The project was envisioned to serve as a locomotive to restart the collapsing world economy, including the economies of Russia and parts of Asia.

The industrial potential to do this did exist at this time. that potential no longer exists today. It was destroyed in the shadow of the continued vilification of LaRouche and the looting of Russia in the immediate post Soviet era. Instead of implementing LaRouche's proposal to uplift the world economy as a matter of principle, the Gulf war was quickly staged and implemented, and in the shadow of it, Russia was economically destroyed. In both arenas millions of people were condemned to a silent death when their physical support structures, their productive economies, were dismantled in various ways.

In spite of this tragic rejection of LaRouche's work, the principle behind his work, to uplift the human scene unto a higher level platform, continued to be the driving principle behind all of his activities and proposals. One unique policy proposal typifies the nature of his work after his incarceration. It is a proposal for overcoming the horrendous inequities in international trade and those imposed by currency speculation. Again, LaRouche created a higher level platform, than the platform the problem was founded on. He proposed a platform for equitable physical trade measurements, to replace financial measurements, in his proposal for "Trade Without Currencies." 

Lyndon LaRouche also proposed the rebuilding of President Roosevelt's Bretton Woods world monetary system, at least the best elements of that system that had for a long time maintained relatively fixed, exchange rates between the world's currencies to enable long term international economic development. That system had been destroyed in 1971 by traitors of the highest sort. LaRouche proposed to rebuilt that lost bulwark and raise its foundation still higher by eliminating within the USA the Federal Reserve private central bank, and replacing it with a national bank for the nation's economic self-development. At the same time he proposed not to repair the disintegrating world-financial system, since it was far beyond any possible repair, but to put it through a global bankruptcy shutdown in order to rescue what still existed of the nations' economies, and to create in its place a higher level foundation for economic activity than the legalization of theft and looting.

Almost in parallel with his "New Bretton Woods" policy package, LaRouche alos put forward the greatest and most far reaching economic development proposal of all times, his Eurasian Land-Bridge development proposal. Actually, the main idea for this proposal was not a new one. The idea was already understood by U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in 1791 as shown in his Report to the Congress on the Subject of Manufactures. The idea is built on a higher perception of man that enables society to put aside its petty self-interest games and groups, and come together as one and contribute to one another's strength and ingenuity, even its brightest ideas, for the general development of all. That's what Hamilton had helped to set in motion, a high level kind of technology sharing to uplift every element of society by fostering society's cooperative self-development. LaRouche raised the platform of this idea still higher, and applied to the development needs of all of Eurasia.

LaRouche's Eurasian Land-Bridge development proposal involves much more than just the building of a transportation infrastructure. That element is merely a necessary step for a high level type of technology sharing that will create the economic driver that is needed to rescue the technology rich European economies from its ongoing collapse, by means of supplying the vast development needs of Asia in a cooperative process by which the entire continent becomes uplifted. Naturally, LaRouche sees America to be a part of this process, being linked into it via a 50 Km long under-sea tunnel across the Bering Strait. And he sees Africa being linked into it from the European side and the Middle East.

This global infrastructure development process is absolutely needed to pull the entire world out if its death spiral of economic collapse.

And still, LaRouche's Land-Bridge project has another goal on a still higher platform, the platform to create peace. There will never be peace on this planet for as long as gross inequities exist and divisions are created to maintain the inequities. Nor can mankind even hope to achieve a high level biological security, for as long as entire continents are driven into abject poverty, like Africa has been, which turns the weakened populations into breeding caldrons of the most exotic, opportunistic diseases that have the potential to threaten us all, globally, as AIDS still does.

The question arises of course, whether LaRouche's advanced policy proposals will ever be implemented.

The answer is, that the process of implementation has already begun. LaRouche's Economic Triangle idea is in the beginning stages of being implemented in the Asian sphere, with its poles centered in Russian, India, and China. Another implementation of LaRouche's basic idea is the now in progress Mekong River development project, that LaRouche had proposed for a long time already, which opens up a new era of prosperity for the entire region, affecting Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and possibly even Burma and Malaysia.

The Eurasian Land-Bridge project is also moving forward on other fronts. The first rail link across Asia is already operating, connecting China with western Europe's Atlantic coast. The historic trans-Korean rail link is alos becoming a reality, which is in the final stages of completion with the already considered potential for a fixed link to Japan for its connection into the world-wide economic development network. In the Middle east, Turkey just announced its intention (in June, 2003) to built a 13Km undersea tunnel across the Bosporus to connect North and South Turkey and facilitate a future southern link of the Eurasian Land-Bridge from China and the Mekong region, across India and Iran to Europe.

LaRouche is being honored today in many parts of the world for his contributions to uplifting humanity, and his ongoing commitment to this cause. Only in the imperial centers of the world, such as Great Britain, the USA, and Australia, is his name blackened with slander and his voice silenced as if it didn't exist. And so it will likely be for as long as the imperial system owns the minds of society. 

The imperial forces have no choice but to silence, revile, and slander the one man who most endangers the basis of their existence. The imperial forces can have no basis for existing once society uplifts its self-perception and its platform for relationships with other nations and peoples. For this reason LaRouche is gagged in the USA, Great Britain, and elsewhere. Except the gagging doesn't solve society's problems, which require active solutions. In Asia these solutions are sought out and embraced, because no other solutions exist. After all, there exists but one Principle of the Universe, and only one principle of economics that reflects the greater Principle and its nature and essence.

Mary Baker Eddy's contribution.

Mary Baker Eddy understood the same truths already in the mid 1800s. She understood that there is but one divine Principle, which is the Principle of God, defining the universe. She also understood that this singular divine Principle is reflected in man and is the essence of our humanity, a single humanity that we all share in our individuality. It became her chosen life-work to uplift humanity to this higher level of self-perception where its divine nature comes to light.

Like the work of Christ Jesus and that of the Apostles and early Christians, her work was interwoven with far reaching processes of mental healing, covering virtually all known diseases. On this high level scientific platform she had proven to mankind that it is possible for any human being to break all the ancient and modern barriers that would deny the higher capacity of man from being realized. She had delivered the proof, born in discoveries of universal principles, brought to light in scientific understanding, and born out in full acknowledgement of them in everyday life. Also, she created a vast pedagogical infrastructure to facilitate humanity's self-development towards this higher form of Principle oriented self-perception (in contrast to religious, doctrinal based perception.)

Naturally, her pedagogical infrastructures are not acknowledge to even exist, with the organizational center of her institutions all being located in the presently imperially centered world (the USA in this case). Nevertheless, these infrastructures do exist, and will continue to exist, and will some day be recognized and utilized. But for now, in that respect, Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) suffers the same treatment that LaRouche is suffering, and obviously for the same reason.

It appears that Mary Baker Eddy already understood in her time the tremendous weight that this kind of problem lays upon humanity. Consequently, she staged a solution for it. She staged it on the same principle that LoRouche has also utilized throughout his long fight to uplift humanity. Just as LaRouch had always raised the platform for his solutions to a significantly higher lever than that on which the problem as defined,  Mary Baker Eddy had raised the platform for scientific and spiritual perception. Except she had done this in a still more radical manner. She raised the platform to such a high level that no records exist of this ever having been done before, and much less having been implemented.

LaRouche attempted a similar approach to break the wall of silence and slander around his person. He did this by raising the platform of the political awareness in America to the level of truth. That approach has created quite a few shockwaves, and is still creating them. But Mary Baker Eddy went further than that. She raised the platform into the sphere of absolute Truth, reflected in man and humanity. In this sphere of absolute Truth no basis can exist for isolating human beings from one another for any cause, any reason, or any need. That high platform, anchored in absolute Truth, reflects the Principle of universal Love.

This takes us far beyond, even agape. Mary Baker Eddy challenges society to implement this platform of universal love as the basic platform in every sphere of human existence, even at the grassroots social level where the very notion of universal love is deemed to be treason. Evidently she was aware that when this challenge is being met, the very effort and devotion to the task, with total honesty with oneself that the process involves, cannot help to reflect itself throughout the world, whereby the lower problems vanish for reasons of having become irrelevant.

Indeed, the greatest challenge that humanity is facing today, is to break the isolation that it has erected against itself in countless forms. And in this breaking away from the barriers, we find our freedom, security, and sufficiency. Imperial domination cannot enter into this realm. It can exist only in the low level environment of a  deeply fractured, isolated, and divided against one another, world. Naturally, this is precisely the platform that all the imperial powers from ancient times to ours, have created and imposed. Mary Baker Eddy's challenge to humanity is to step above that to a higher level, and this radically, by embracing the divine Principle of the Universe that is reflected in our humanity that we all share.

Can this challenge be met, especially at the grassroots level where the very notion of universal love is deemed to be poison and synonymous with treason? That's a tough question. Maybe it shouldn't be. I think the challenge can be met, because the operational objective of the Principle of universal Love is not to destroy what is good, but to uplift and to uplift one another, to enrich one another's life, to develop one another's potential cooperatively, and thereby to develop our world into a richer place for all humanity.

Naturally, the exploration of this challenge that Mary Baker Eddy puts before humanity - that she puts before us - to implement the principle of universal love in every aspect of our existence, cannot be explored in a theoretical fashion that is isolated form the sphere of everyday life. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with universal love at the grassroots social level, or any other level. Such a project can be pursued however, in the environments of a novel. Here the environment can be deeply human, while it can be tailored to meet the challenge of universal love unfolding against the background of ancient and modern axioms that the higher principle defines as invalid.

My experience has been that the subject is so wide that the project to explore it, produced a series of five novels that I gave the summary title: "The Lodging for the Rose." No lesser form seemed adequate.

Whether it is possible top meet Mary Baker Eddy's challenge and to raise society to that high level at which the marriage of humanity becomes a universal marriage in which the whole human scene becomes enriched beyond measure, remains yet to be seen. It is quite possible that the platform that Mary Baker Eddy proposed to humanity will be rejected, and will continue to be rejected for many ages to come. Except that notion involves a paradox. We don't have those ages before us in which to develop ourselves timidly and spasmodically. In fact we won't have a future if the challenge that was put onto mankind's plate more than a hundred years ago isn't met soon, for then the consequences of our unwillingness to move mentally to whatever extent is necessary, will overtake us and end our days. But why should we succumb to that with all the resources at hand to built the brightest future that has ever been imagined? No, I think the time is near when we will have a world without war and without violence, terror, and poverty, for this is the native state supported by the Principle of our humanity. Anything less, no matter how long standing it might have been, has no validity.

No limits of resources.

Once we begin to seek solutions to our human problems on a higher level platform than the one on which the problem is defined, a whole new world opens up which actually makes it possible for the progression shown in Figure A to go on to infinity. There exist no inherent physical limits that would curtail human development. There exists no limit in energy resources once nuclear fusion technology is developed. Nor exists there a limit in mineral resources, in metals or other elements. The very rocks of the earth contain and inexhaustible supply. The very mantle of the earth is a mineral field of orthosilicates of magnesium, nickel, and some iron, sever thousand kilometers thick, covering the entire planet. The greatest resources literally lie at our feet while we starve ourselves to death and refuse to develop the technologies and the industries to make those resources available. It is not unreasonable to assert that fusion energy would be the main supplier of today's energy needs had it not been for development funding curtailments that greed based economics will not allow. Instead we find wars over oil. What idiocy!

The imperial ideology has put many roadblocks in our way. One is called, environmentalism. We are told that industrialization is bad, because it pollutes. That problem is the direct result of greed based economics. It is not a technological problem. We are told that large scale farming destroys the environment, and that there isn't enough arable land anyway. What small minded thinking! With the utilization of the energy and materials resources that lie at our feet, farming would be industrialized in self-contained indoor facilities that can be made thousands of acres wide and fifty stories high, if need be. There is no need to impose population collapse by means of enforced poverty, as we have it today.

The human horizon truly is infinite. The only limits that we are presently experiencing, are the limits that we impose onto ourselves. The greatest deficit that we have incurred in the modern world is a deficit in human development. In the shadow of the take-down of education by imperial ideologies through the imposition of insanities, we have created a 'civilization' of 'empty' people (see: Empty People - story of a novel). In this is anchored the greatest barrier that we are facing today against the realization of our potential. That barrier is rooted in a grossly distorted image of man. That is where we find the most urgent development needs of humanity defined. 

The wealth of society lies not in its money, but in the productive capacity of the human genius. As this genius becomes developed in a well functioning economy, we will find that less and less money will flow through the economic system as the productive processes become evermore efficient. The end result is that the purchasing power of the money that is in circulation becomes ever greater as the below shown diagram indicates.

People's experience will be, for instance, that an automobile that costs $2000.00 will likely be purchased for $1000.00 in five years time, and that this lower cost automobile will likely be twice as efficient and be of greater quality. This will be the natural outcome as the improving productive processes are also manifest in an improved quality of the product. All this will happen once society scraps its insane embrace of greed based economics where the focus is on stealing from one another, rather than enriching one another's life and the world in which we all live. 

Infinite development towards a richer and cleaner world is the inevitable outcome when a society begins to invest in itself to develop its inherent human resources. Everything else is secondary. Whatever physical resources we may need to develop our infinite economy that reflects not greed, but the boundless domain of the human genius, exists in infinite abundance on our planet and everywhere else in the universe.

If one considers the deep, deep poverty that greed based economics has placed the human society in, rapid advances in moral, spiritual, and scientific development are urgently needed, and should be made its highest priority. If we fail to achieve that in the near term, there won't be sufficient economic products available to even sustain our present existence and people will die in poverty, as has already begun, with infinite riches laying at their feet which they have refused to develop and make useful to them to enrich their life and their world.

Fortunately, we have all the infrastructural resources for this moral, spiritual, and scientific development already completely created and laid into the open before us. They only need to be applied.

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