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The First Commandment's Gateway
to Nuclear War
and how to defeat it!

 by Rolf Witzsche, March 1, 2003

In some parts of the world, the month of March marks the beginning of spring. Buds can be seen forming on trees, and crocuses pushing their way through the soil that lay dormant and lifeless all winter. Triggered by the warmth of the sunlight the buds unfold into the silvery forms of pussy willows, or blossoms later on, or into countless forms of leaves. This 'magic' unfolds according to timeless universal principles that we but faintly understand, which are greater than ourselves, but which we represent in our being. We have learned to utilize these physical and biological principles to enrich our world. We have also learned that above the biosphere lies another sphere that is equally rich in universal principles. These are principles that we cannot see, that we can only experience. And we have experienced them. We have built our civilization thereon. We have also experienced, that as we move away from these principles and reject and mock them with the arrogance of blind will or force, our civilization disintegrates and people perish.

All of this is ancient knowledge, which is reflected in the very earliest allegories and civilization texts. Among the most profound of these texts is the Mosaic Decalogue, the statement of the so-called ten commandment of God. In essence, the original version of the Decalogue is a statement of universal principles without which a society cannot survive and prosper, such as the directive not to murder, steal, lie, deceive, enslave, etc.. It opens with a summary declaration that urges society to respect these principles that are essential to its existence. In this sense the First Commandment is basically an invitation to humanity to engage itself in the discovery and utilization of these types of universal principles that support and uplift civilization, since the highest concept of a (monotheistic) God is, that God is divine Principle.

Thus, without referring to religion at all we cannot ignore the great truth that have once been recognized in ancient times, that civilization rests on certain universal principles, which, when utilized set the stage for a new renaissance, and when rejected and denied set the stage for the self-destruction of society. When the latter course has been chosen, no God or power in the universe can prevent us from reaping the consequences of our pursuits. In a nuclear armed world, this means nuclear war. However, what no God can prevent, nor any power in the universe, we can prevent, by refocusing on the universal principles of human civilization. It is as simple and as challenging as that.... 




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