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Free On-line access to a story by Rolf Witzsche

The Lateral Lattice of Hearts.

from the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose



In an effort to combat the growing violence, fascism, poverty, and threats for nuclear war in our world, Rolf Witzsche is making his ten novels and numerous research books freely available on the internet for online reading.

The story from the novels, which is presented here, is presented in this context. 

The reason for the free on-line offer is that the novels and stories are all in different ways exploratory of the principle of universal love, without which civilization cannot exist. The stories are dedicated to all, in the hope that they may contribute in some way to brighten our love for one another.

The free offer is also made with the recognition that the reader may in the same spirit of supporting one another, wish to forward a voluntary contribution in support of the author. Honesty with oneself, on which all love rests, should prompt this loving response according to whatever value, (if any) the reader may find in the work.

Your response is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Please forward to:

Rolf Witzsche
1110 Wellington Drive
North Vancouver, BC,
Canada, V7K - 1L2

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