Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 258

      "Of course, the degree to which we will all see this reverse shift process unfolding in our life, depends on everyone's commitment to the higher platform that a normal child can easily embrace, whose mind has not been poisoned by Adam Smith."
      I looked around the room as I said this. "So far we have seen one single person's commitment," I said. "Maybe what we have seen is enough of a spark to spark a revolution in the self-perception of humanity."
      With this I stepped away from the edge of the platform, put the microphone back to where I found it and walked away. As I did, one single person began to applaud; then another; then more; until there was a complete standing ovation in progress to honor the simplicity of what I had just put forward for their consideration.
      The banker who had remained at my side, brought some of us together afterwards and confided that he had more reasons to thank us, than he had dared to confess to on stage. He told us that we really did change his life. He said that as a banker he had always regarded money as an estate. The estate is a title that belongs to someone. His own estate had became a part of his identity, and the identity of his family. He said that he had always regarded his smaller brother as a person existing outside of his own family sphere. He said that he would occasionally invite his brother to his house, for dinner or for a drink, where he would show him pictures of his various vacations during the year. He said that these would be pictures of places that his brother could only dream about. He told us that it never occurred to him to step outside of his narrow sense of family boundary, to universal platform, and invite his brother and his brother's family to join him once in a while on a vacation, or to make it possible for them to visit some of those exotic places themselves.
      He told us that this kind of generous sharing and enriching of one another simply hadn't been built into the structural makeup of the money estate mythology that had determined his family values. It had created too deep an isolation from his own humanity, for this to happen. He felt that it had been precisely for this reason that he had never established a close relationship with his brother. Now he wondered why he had been so blind for all those years; why he had allowed their different marriages to become such an isolating barrier that he couldn't stretch a helping hand across that boundary as if they both belonged to different worlds.
      He told us that he finally realized, here in Caracas, that he merely followed a pattern that had been established by virtually all the families of means, which in turn also governed his affairs with other businesses, other investors, even other nations. He told us that this was about to end.
      He hugged Sylvia in tears after he said this and told her that her great daring in ripping up the conference agenda, and the social agenda of society as a whole, for the reason that these agendas were inhuman, had caused him to rip up quite a few agendas of his own, including that which governed his relationship to his brother, as well as that which he had applied towards his fellow man.
      He told us that it was amazing to see how deeply one becomes affected by new scientific perceptions, when one opens Pandora's box and becomes forced to deal with everything that it contains.

The End.


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