Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 257

      "Adam Smith's phantasy model is radically different from the model of universal love," I stated and paused. "It is not the model of a lateral lattice that comprises all of humanity tied together with strands of love."
      I paused again. I came to an impasse. I suddenly realized that the Adam Smith model of Greed Based Economics is a model that actually cannot be visualized. It is a model in which everyone is deemed vertically superior to everybody else, which is self-contradictory.
      I pointed out that within this greed based vertical model, everyone is encouraged to steal from everybody else. Stealing is said to be wonderful. Stealing is said to be a virtue. The strong become rich, the weak die, and the targeted economy disintegrates. In this manner Adam Smith's goal is being achieved without effort."
      I asked the audience after this, what would happen if a little child were to stand up, as in Hans Christian Anderson's tale, the Emperor's New Clothes, and that little child would quietly point out that nowhere in the world's financial markets is anything being produced that is of any intrinsic value that can be cited to represent tangible wealth that enriches the existence of society. I suggested that such a child might point out that all the profits that are drawn in the financial markets are literally stolen from the productive enterprises of society, which thereby collapses its economy.  I suggested along this line, that Christ Jesus might have had this kind of scenario in mind when he said, "I thank thee of Father that thou has hid these things from the wise and prudent, and has revealed them unto babes."
      I suggested to the audience that such a childlike simplicity in perception must actually be achieved by us all, in order for us to be able to acknowledge the principle of universal love, because it is so simple and so straight forward, and so beautiful, and so profound in terms of the  potentially rich future that it offers, which simply must be achieved. I suggested that any child should be able visualize a lateral lattice of human hearts, and see in that image our universal humanity enveloped in a great light and drawn together with stands of love into a single whole.
      I pointed out that a disciple of Adam Smith would not be able to do this, since no one can visualize a universal concept in which everyone is deemed to be vertically superior over everybody else, as we have it expressed in the concept of Greed Based Economics that justifies the universal stealing from one another. No one can visualize how such a thing can actually work. Nor does it work. It was never designed to work. It was designed as a ruse to cause the collapse of a targeted civilization. Anyone, therefore, who tries to visualize this chaotic sphere of universal stealing, that is facilitated by a form of vertical interrelationships that cannot logically exist and are not supported by any principle, will slowly drive himself insane. In this manner Adam Smith meets his goal. He creates a growing clinical insanity in the population that dives it down onto a level far below the level of the natural perception of a child.
      I suggested to the audience that it is possible, however, for an alert person to find a way out of this hell hole and regain the sense of honesty in perception that any normal child has, or should have.
      I suggested to the audience that this is what we have witnessed together. "We have witnessed the beginning of the rebirth of humanity," I said to them. "We have witnessed a paradigm shift by a person who could no longer accept the so-call logic of the chaotic model of universal, vertically superior interrelationships that Adam Smith had conjured up under the name of Greed Based Economics.
      "That is what we have witnessed," I said with a sense of awe. "We have witnessed the unfolding of a paradigm shift to what represents the normal status of a human being in lateral relationship will all human beings universally, bound by strands of love for the humanity that we all share. This reverse shift to the paradigm of truth that builds civilizations, represents a rebirth of a part of our humanity that Adam Smith had been instructed to destroy and nearly succeeded totally.

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