Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 256

      I pointed out that Lord Shelburne had vowed that there would never be another true nation-state republic formed on the face of the planet, modeled after the USA, and of course he might have added that the American republic would eventually be destroyed as well, by which the colonies would be reclaimed, which may yet happen. I pointed out that with the help of Adam Smith, Shelburne's daring goal has now been accomplished. The sad reality is, that the greed based poison well, once it had been opened up could not be stopped, nor will it ever be stopped until the underlying assumptions beneath the so-called principle of Greed Bases Economics are being recognized as false, and are being replaced with the truth.
      "This process, according to what we have seen today, has finally begun," I said proudly. "We have witnessed with our own eyes the beginning of the rebuilding of mankind's lost sense of humanity."

      In order for this statement to make any sense, I decided to take the audience back to the morning long ago in Leipzig when Helen revealed her powerful healing concept of the lateral lattice of human hearts. Someone most dear to her had been in a hospital undergoing a five hour long surgical operation. This friend had had a long history of heart problems. Helen knew this, and kept herself alert for this reason. Sure enough, all of a sudden, some half an hour into the surgery period, she became intensely aware of an unfolding crisis of some sort. In response to this crisis she immediately drew upon everything she understood about the reality of human existence. She drew on truths that have been recognized throughout the ages as the principle of civilization, which she understood to be the principle of universal love. I told the audience that her recognition of this principle came to her visually in the form a vast lattice of human hearts that were all laterally interconnected, one to another, with threads of love, They were supporting the strength of her friend's heart with the vitality of their own strength, giving strength to those in need, supporting their strength and their light of love. In this manner she saw the strength of her friend's heart uplifted throughout this critical period where her need for support was evidently great.
      I told the audience that Helen had worked with this image intensively for long periods, knowing that this visualization represented a great truth. She worked with it until her sense of an acute crisis subsided, and her thoughts became calm again. I told the audience that this scenario repeated itself. It happened three times, right into the fourth hour of the surgery period. Then, just as sudden as the sense of a crisis had started, long before the surgery was scheduled to be concluded, a great sense of peace came over her; a sense of peace that indicated that the crisis had passed at this point.
       I told them, that when Helen saw her friend in hospital that evening, her friend's face was radiant with a smile that should not have been possible, that totally defied the circumstance of her earlier ordeal. "Of course Helen understood that her friend's radiant face was the continuous reflection of the boundless light of love that she had worked with visually throughout the morning hours of her friend's crisis," I said to the audience.
      "Why is this important?" I asked the audience to consider. "It is important to me, because it illustrates a principle that has been recognized throughout the ages as being foundational to human civilization."
      I pointed out that it has been said in many ways that God is Love, and that this Love is reflected in our humanity; and that it also has been said by the most scientific of all the sages, that this divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need, whenever this divine Principle of universal Love is acknowledged.
      "That's the process that created the Renaissance," I said proudly, and pointed out that Adam Smith rejects the very platform on which this is founded, as he must, since he has been instructed by his boss, Lord Shelburne, to device a system that will functionally collapse a targeted civilization.

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