Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 255

      I pointed out slowly and methodically that in real terms, Greed Based Economics, is a contradiction in language.
      "Greed and economics are two completely opposite concepts," I said at one point. "Greed does not support or enhance economic activity; it never has; but it destroys it. And this my friends, is exactly what Greed Based Economics was designed to accomplish. It was designed to be destructive from the very outset. Yes, it fulfills its design objective well."
      I reminded the audience that it had once been said that Bertrand Russell of the British imperial aristocracy had been the most evil man of the Twentieth Century, in part because of his lobbying for the development of the atomic bomb. I suggested that Bertrand Russell was nevertheless a saint in comparison with Adam Smith. Russell had been dubbed the most evil man, for his advocacy of the development and use of nuclear weapons as a terror weapon of such a magnitude that it would force all nations to surrender their sovereignty at the feet of a world-empire dictatorship. I pointed out that Hiroshima became the demonstration ground for this objective. Russell also had lobbied the U.S. to launch a nuclear attack against Russia, to simply eradicate the country before it developed its own atomic bomb. Since this terribly evil plan failed, I suggested to the audience that Russell's only claim to fame is that his efforts stood behind the murdering of a quarter million people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Adam Smith on the other hand can be credited with a much greater evil. He can be credited with the death of hundreds of millions of people, from World War I onwards to the present day, including the destruction of Africa which includes the development of AIDS.
      "Adam Smith has nullified the universal principle of divine Love," I continued, "and has replaced it with its opposite, the so-called principle of Greed Based Economics."
      I pointed out that Adam Smith had been officially commissioned to do precisely this, by his boss, Lord Shelburne, the infamous head of the British East India Company. It all started with a commission by Shelburne that he devise a plan to destroy the renegade American colonies by other means than fighting a war on the battle field, which the empire did fight and had lost. Adam Smith's commission was given to him on a carriage ride from Edinburgh to London. This actually happened long before the USA was officially established as an independent nation, which Shelburne might have realized would not be prevented. Adam Smith, of course complied. He actually devised two such plans for his master. The first plan was to impose a free-trade pact on America. This pact was carefully crafted into the Paris peace treaty in which the Empire ceded the victory of America as an independent nation.
      Adam Smith's goal was that the free trade imposition would strangle the economic development of the new nation, and thereby bankrupt it, which it did. It was in this bankruptcy crisis that the then Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton discovered the underlying ruse, which he promptly shut down. The USA emerged from this rejection of the Adam Smith poison as a strong and prosperous nation that soon became the envy of the world.
      I pointed out, however, that Adam Smith was not totally defeated by this victory. Alexander Hamilton had defeated only the free trade weapon of Adam Smith, but not his more deeply reaching attack on humanity in the form of Greed Based Economics. Today, we face the end result of this more deep reaching attack. We face the consequences of it in the form of the destruction of the economies of almost all the nations on the planet.
      "Still, I must say that Adam Smith was not an evil man," I added. "He was a little man; a stupid fool; a loathsome scribbler who didn't hesitate to carry out his master's wishes when the price was right, no matter who would get hurt in the process. The really evil man behind the destruction of today's world was Lord Shelburne, his boss, who had employed Adam Smith to find a surefire way to destroy the new American nation from within. Lord Shelburne obviously knew, or he should have known, that the Adam Smith poison that he spread across the lands would eventually sweep across the world and destroy humanity more thoroughly than the black death plaque once had in Europe in 1347."

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