Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 254

      "We must do this," he said, "not because it is necessary to do, which it is, nor because it is hard to do and would pose in interesting challenge, but because it is the human thing to do. We must do this, because we are human beings, and that puts us into a category all by ourselves, in which greed and theft oriented logic no longer applies."
      He paused and looked around the room. Then he began to smile. "If all of this makes me a traitor to my profession as a banker," he said, "then I must say that I am proud to be a traitor. But more important to me than this, is the fact that I am no longer a traitor to humanity and therefore to myself."

      After he concluded his speech he turned to us once more and thanked us for our involvement. We thanked him for his gift to us all. It seemed to me that none of us really knew what to say, to thank the man properly for his kindness. I suppose we were still too overwhelmed by it all. But was it really just an act of kindness? I was beginning to see it as something much bigger than what it appeared to be. As we turned to leave the stage, I stepped forward and held the man back. "You cannot leave now," I said to him, "you are in too great a danger." I motioned him to came back with me to the center of the stage.
      "What are you talking about?" he chided me.
      "You didn't just betray your profession," I answered as we were slowly walking back onto the stage as a concert pianist might do returning for an encore. "You won't be safe until the foundation is established on which your standpoint rests. If this foundation if fully understood by everyone, to such a degree that it touches everyone deeply, then you have everyone's support and they, whoever they may be, they won't dare touch you."
      He nodded his agreement without saying a word.
      When everyone was quiet again and I faced the audience, a dreadful feeling came over me that I might be putting myself onto the firing line. In this case there was only one thing I could do, and that was to go onto the offensive, to go all the way out with a massive assault and win myself a victory; a victory to prevent the war from erupting. But how to start? No ideas came.
      "What we have seen here is a rare display of philanthropy, is it not?" I said, and paused, hoping that an idea would emerge. "What we have seen here is not representative of our modern society," I added and paused again.
      I stepped forward from the lectern, with the microphone in hand, right to edge of the stage.
     "Actually, I beg to differ," I said loud and clear so that that there was no mistake possible about what I said. "Yes, what we have seen is so rare that it is hardly ever seen, certainly not in today's world. Nevertheless, it reflects a universal truth about the nature of the human being. The fact that this truth has been nearly universally rejected, does not make it any less true."
      I pointed out that throughout history the sages of the greatest religions have pointed out in many different ways that God is Love, and that this love is reflected in the very soul of the human being. Love, thus, has become recognized as the universal principle of human civilization. Every great advance in the prosperity of society has always been preceded by a cultural advance that included some form of the general welfare principle as an acknowledgement of the principle of universal love. It suggested that some people might call this principle of universal love, a divine Principle, as indeed the foremost religions do.
      "This divine Principle has been rejected," I said, staring at the audience, as if to put the blame on them. "It has been rejected and replaced by Adam Smith. It has been replaced with his so-called principle of Greed Based Economics."

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