Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 253

      After this the banker read from his letter to the governments again, for the audience. This time he spoke about the free-trade mantra. He illustrated graphically with a slide show how the once rich nations were destroyed as their industries became dismantled that could no longer compete with cheap labor produced imports. By this process, the productive labor of the nations that once created the postwar economic miracle, where thrown onto the scrap heap. He added that a few people in the richer nations have managed to survive by loading up their credit cards, which generated a multi-trillion dollar debt bubble all by itself. Other people managed to stay alive by selling their home, or themselves on the sex trade scene, or they got menial jobs as hamburger flippers and the like, or fell into and through the welfare net and slowly died in abject poverty.
      Our banker suggested that free-trade had caused such a massive economic destruction throughout the world that Adolf Hitler would have rejoiced to see it, that it far exceeded Hitler's wildest dreams on almost a global scale. He pointed out that even the cheap labor exporting nations were destroyed in this process, as these nations where deprived of the labor pool resources that would normally be devoted to their own development. Instead, those people became slaves, working for slave wage salaries, or less. Many ended up getting so little in return that they literally starved themselves to death and died at an early age. He pointed out that among the slave wage laborers of the world were several hundred-million children, many of which had little or no chance to survive to adulthood.
      Naturally, he told us that he was now working to stop this death spiral, which he had helped to create, of which the free trade mantra became but one element. He said it all sounded so glorious when it all started. There were profits to be made in the globalization of trade and finance, which turned out to become the globalization of looting. Now the world is drowning in poverty, if it isn't drowning in a debt that resulted from nothing less than global rape. He told us that the USA owes the world two and a half trillion dollars in foreign debt, for which it pays thirty billion in interest annually, while the rest of the world combined carries roughly the same amount in foreign debt, but it has to pay ten times the amount of interest. He said that this disparity constitutes an act of rape. He said that whenever a nation had been financially in trouble, its credit rating was lowered, by which its currency became devalued, often by half, by which its debt immediately doubled, which then became even more unpayable.
      He told us that this game, that he himself has helped set in motion a long time ago, has become an imperial Olympic game in which only one entity can win, while the rest of the players have their hopes crushed. He pointed out that many nations are now so desperately depleted that they had not only lost their national assets for pennies on the dollar in forced privatization auctions, but had also lost their sovereignty as a nation, even their right to exist as a nation.
      He told us that this whole property rights issue has become so insane near the end that it needs to be ripped up in totality, in order for humanity as a whole to be able to recover and survive. He told us that this kind of war that he was proposing to the governments of the world, is a proposal that they all rip up their Adam Smith imposed agenda and recommit themselves to respecting one another's sovereignty, and one another's right to exist on a platform of a community of higher principles that support human existence, rather than supporting the property mythologies that are destroying civilization and humanity as a whole. He suggested that each nation also set up a national banking system with which to create their own financial credits for their national economic development, rather than having to come begging to the international money bags. He said that the international money bags are really Adam Smith's creation, whose intend it was from the very beginning to loot society, rather than to develop the human sphere economically, whereby to recreate and to rebuild the nations.

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