Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 251

      He explained to the audience what he had meant to be saying. He told us that someone had mentioned to him that humanity should be likened to a village that is located downstream behind a dam that is breaking. He said that he realized at this moment that his own actions in business and finance had undermined the foundations of this dam, so that it was now beginning to crack.
      "Sure, I have made a lot of profit by this," he said calmly, "but I have made that profit by endangering the lives of everyone around, myself included. I have been working feverishly against everyone in the world."
      He said that he wondered if anyone in the audience realized how many countries have become overburdened by a debt that can never be repaid. He said, "this debt had been artificially created as the result of currency speculation and all the other games that I and my associates have played all over the world. Our goal was to assure the nations of the world dependent on us. And they did become dependent. Then we changed the game. Now people are dying all over the world, because of what we stood for."
      He assured us, he raised his hand as if to swear to it, that these games would come to an end. He told us that he finally realized that we simply cannot live in a world where we constantly work against each other. "Life isn't an Olympic competition," he said, "where only one person can win and the rest have their dreams shattered."
      He spoke more forcefully now. He told us that it was not only right and proper that this insane agenda should be ripped up, and he added that this was also long overdue. At this point he held the expulsion notice up again and called Sylvia a hero and a pioneer.
      He read all of our names out once more, and asked us all to come forward onto the stage, which we did. As we were all assembled, he thanked us, each one of us with a handshake, for our involvement in changing his life. Then he held the notice up again and ripped it to shreds.
      Afterwards he produced another list of names that he read from, that included our names too, and asked the respective people to come forward as well. He honored everyone individually as an outstanding contributor to the conference. The list of names now included Antonovna's and Erica's.
      When all the people from the second group had joined us on stage, the banker reached into his pocket again and brought still another envelope out that contained a bundle of smaller envelops. He held the bundle up high and explained that these envelops contain a little gift of gratitude, from him, to us, for all the daring efforts that we had made, who, by our humanity had awakened his own humanity.
      He handed each one of us one of those smaller envelops. They were all sealed envelope with our names printed on them. Finally he announced from the lectern, once the handing out was complete, that each one of the envelops contains a certificate of deposit for one-thousand ounces of gold, redeemable at a branch of his bank in Beijing, which was still fully functional. He turned to us saying, that whatever it was that we were doing, that had affected him so much, should continue and should be expanded universally. He added that he wanted to support our efforts to do that, with his gift of gratitude.
      With all this having been said, he reached into his pocket once more and brought still another envelop out, which he said was his gift to the audience as a whole and to the world. He told us that the envelop contains a copy of a letter that he had sent to all the governments and financial institution throughout the world. He showed the audience the letter, together with quite a long list of signatures of high ranking people in the business community. He told us that the letter urged the governments to convene an international conference of finance ministers with the mandate to create a new international financial order based on fixed exchange rates between currencies, according to the old Bretton Woods system. He pointed out that such a rebuilding on a platform of sanity would end the financial stealing by currency traders, and facilitate the rebuilding of the economies of the world.

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