Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 248

      After this I told the audience how badly Nicolai was treated, who had embarked on a global lecture program to promote the idea of rescuing Africa economically, as an essential element for developing the world and saving human civilization on a global scale.
      "He was booed, even in Russia," I told the audience. "People said to him: 'What do we have to do with Africa? We can barely manage to develop our own country.'"
      I told the audience that Nicolai got the same kind of answer in China, in the United States, and everywhere else he went, even in South America. Their comments always were in essence: "Oh, Africa is far away." "It's not our problem." "Why should we care?" "Why should we help this deeply corrupt morass in Africa to survive?"
      I told the audience that these answers reflected precisely the attitude that the fondi desire. They want to see every country married to its own little itself and to make it look small in its own eyes, and to get people to see the rest of the world as if it didn't exist. I suggested that this indifference is extremely dangerous, because it isn't love. And if it isn't love, it is a subtle form of hate, and hate destroys civilization. I suggested that this is how society has been conditioned to deal with one another for that very reason, family to family, and neighbor to neighbor, or marriage to marriage. It has been drilled into us that our world ends at the borders that has been created for us by the system that has been designed to isolate us, and we sing that song that has been drilled into us. We all say, "What do I care that my neighbor's children don't have enough to eat. All that I care about is, that my own children have enough," and so on. "Why should I care about Africa, it's too far away and the people are corrupt there, so why should I give a damn."
      I told the audience that Nicolai was even accused of being some kind of a nut case, for wanting to help Africa; for "meddling with something that isn't his concern," as they had put it.
      "That kind of closed shop marriage mentality that humanity has developed, may in the end be the undoing for all of us," I said to the audience. "It will be our undoing because it prevents Africa from being rescued, by which it prevents us from rescuing ourselves from the ensuing consequences of forcing an entire continent full of people beyond the threshold of biological stability. That's what the fondi desire. They desire our own disinterest, our own self-isolation, which have so far prevented all of us from addressing that crisis that we should have addressed right at the outset. Now, we stand at the point beyond which our civilization will not survive the fondi's agenda. This is the mentality that we must rip up before we fall irreversibly into its trap. Unfortunately, this process of self-entrapment has already begun to become absolutely critical with the development of AIDS and is now far advanced and is rapidly expanding throughout the world."
      I suggested that it may well be, that we have already pushed ourselves beyond the point of no return. "But we don't know that," I said. "We must assume therefore, that we still have a chance. In order to utilize this chance we have to utilize the divine Principle of universal love to the fullest extend possible. That's the only real resource that we have in this fight for our survival and for the redevelopment of our civilization. No other resource exists than this universal principle. The founder of the Christian Science Church, Mary Baker Eddy, understood this a hundred years ago, and somehow managed to get her people to inscribe this principle in huge letters into the walls of their church edifices, even though, evidently, the principle wasn't understood by them, and still isn't understood. Today, it is understood to some degree by the Pontiff in Rome; and to a much larger degree by America's foremost political organization, the Lyndon LaRouche organization; and to a lesser degree by some of the leading intellectuals of Europe, in Poland, France, Germany, Russia, Italy; and to some degree also in China, India, and in the Muslim world.

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