Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 246

      Then I told the assembly about the real Africa, the Africa that we saw. I told them about Africa's gravest problem, AIDS. I explained how the development of AIDS occurred, which erupted in Africa a mere six years after a U.S. foreign policy commitment was put into effect in 1975 for the gradual depopulation of Africa and other third world nations in order to preserve the natural resources of the affected countries or continents, especially the continent of Africa, for the future use of the American empire. I pointed to the undeniable fact that AIDS emerged directly out of this background. The timing is a clear evidence of that.
      "Every epidemiologist knows," I said, "that rampant poverty creates rampant diseases, like the 1918 flue epidemic that emerged out the collapse of civilization during World War I, which spread across the entire northern hemisphere and killed nearly fifty million people in a short period of time. Africa was set up to become another such disease creating caldron. NSSM200 lays this out clearly. AIDS was the direct result of the first eruption that came out of this background, nor has the caldron stopped boiling to present day. A whole string of new diseases emerged from it. This caldron now poses the greatest security threat to humanity of all times. It is bigger than the atomic bombs that we've created. People know exactly were all the atomic bombs have been hidden, or where they are deployed. If humanity chooses to get rid of them, this can be accomplished in the space of a few days. But the boiling caldron that Africa has been turned into, can't be turned off that easily. It will take many years to do this. The entire continent has to be rebuilt. It needs transportation infrastructures, agricultural and water supply projects, power development, sanitation, disease control, and a complete upgrade of the human condition. This can only be accomplished with the aid of the entire world, and for this to happen, the entire world itself has to be redeveloped. That is a huge task, but we have no choice. We have to succeed, if we want to survive, and the principle of universal love is the only foundation that we have that enables us to do that. Yes, I assert that a lot of evidence exists for what I said, and that the evidence is very clear, especially on the point that a solution to our global problem has become extremely urgent for the whole of humanity."
      "What evidence?" the heckler interjected one more.
      I just shook my head in disbelieve. What can one say in response to such a gross ignorance?
      I suggested that everyone in the audience should try to answer one simple question, as to what would be the result if a major war would break out, out of the chaos that the global financial and economic disintegration throughout the world has already caused. I also suggested that people should attach to this a second question, as to what the result would be if this major war would erupt and turn into a religious war that pits entire cultures against each other, like the infamous Clash of Civilizations War that has been long talked about, that the empire has lobbied for for years but had never been able to pull off. What would happen if that war erupted and dragged on for fifty or a hundred years, as religious war always have, throughout history?
      I asked them to consider this question carefully, because this kind of eruption into warfare, which is extremely likely to happen if mankind doesn't act swiftly to counter it, will shut down any hope that we still have to rescue Africa, and if this rescue doesn't occur, mankind cannot, and therefore will not, survive.
      "A major war at today's critical juncture will almost certainly push us beyond the point of no return," I said. "One can say this with near absolute confidence. This is the evidence before our very eyes, the evidence that no one wants to see. People sooner bury their head into the sand, but they cannot escape the consequences of rejecting the universal principles and prevent the subsequently unfolding tragedy that has already reached the critical stage, beyond which lies the realm of no return. If mankind's present course continues, and we are all a part of that larger society, our civilization, or what little is left of it, is doomed, and with it our existence is doomed, certainly in the long run its is, and possibly even in the short run."

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