Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 245

      Sylvia then looked once more to me, saying, "You can tell them about this part better than I can."
      I accepted the invitation gladly. This was beginning to get interesting. "Is there anyone here," I asked, "who has a better idea than what the obvious solution is? If so, I would like to hear it."
      Since no one spoke up, I continued.
       I took the audience back in time to Leipzig, to my first night with Steve and Ushi and what came out of it: the beach project, the interception of the cruise missile, the physicists conference in Venice. I suggested that humanity might not be alive anymore if these developments hadn't taken place at the grass roots level, that caused us to fight against the isolation of individuals and nations, especially in the context of the work that had been done in Venice. I told the the audience about the trials and agonies that were associated with making the crucial breakthroughs towards that wider sphere of enriching one another.
      "Being able to move out of a tight confinement is not an easy matter," I suggested, "but it is the price of survival, and therefore it is worth the effort?" I added.
      I told the assembly about my meeting in Venice with the representative of perfidious Albion, about the arrogance with which the representative of the empire had boldly pointed out that the empire is committed to the policy of breaking up the great nations of the world into a collection of impotent little micro states, to be ruled by the empire in a feudal world government setting.
      "This is why we must fight for humanity," I said and gave the microphone back to Anton.
      Anton pointed out that the human journey, that has brought us from the age of hunters and gatherers to the age of nuclear engineering, shouldn't be terminated at the very point when its grandest future is within reach, especially if there is a chance that we can survive the present trial by utilizing the resources we have already within us as human beings to enrich one another's existence.
      With this, she asked me to comment on how our self-confinement, not only prevents us from reaching the rich future that we have the potential to create, but on how our self-confinement is destroying what we have created, because in that answer lies the proof that has been called for.
      "Let me tell you what the extend of that challenge is," I said to the assembly, "And I mean the real challenge that we face today, for which we must rip up the narrow concept of marriage that we have put into practice for over the last three thousand years."
      I told them about my recent trip with Tony to Africa, that we had organized in order to explore what is needed to rebuild Africa.
       I didn't bother to tell the assembly about the impact that the global imperial looting has had, and still had on Africa, which was hardly a secret to anyone. Instead, I told them, that in spite of everything that is known about it, the general perception of the image of Africa is most likely far removed from reality. I told them that the real image of Africa is the image of a dying and gory continent, which is an image that the media had but vaguely acknowledged. Africa had been portrayed as a continent rife with poverty and conflicts, which is true, but which still grossly understates the reality. Of course, the poverty and conflicts had been portrayed in the press as almost a natural state for Africa in order to hide the fact that these conditions were intentionally created for imperial reasons. I suggested that the evident media goal is to isolated Africa in the eyes of humanity as if it were a world of its own, which the oligarchs insist it is, and therefore should be left as it is, since nobody can change "the black continent" anyway.

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