Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 244

      I stood flabbergasted, for a moment. I hadn't expected that. But being the trained diplomat that I was, I was quickly able to point out that there has been no movement in this sphere for as long as anyone can remember, except in a cosmetic sense, perhaps. I suggested to the audience that most social marriages are probably more tightly confined, now, than they had been in the tribal days of hunting and primitive farming, even though our world has become a global scene. I suggested that we were light years behind in social development to match the requirement of the ever expanding platform of unity.
      At this point Anton called Sylvia to the stage. "May I ask you to respond to a very difficult and deeply personal question?" she said to Sylvia. "Would you recommend that society rip up its marriage contracts that have been predetermined in ancient times, and re-write these contracts with a new commitment to one another that reflects at least to some degree the expanding scale of unity that we must have in the nuclear economy age? Would you say that it will no longer do, to be tightly confined. Would you say that the time has come for people to commit themselves to the principle of enriching one another in ever widening circles, with the riches of life, and on an expanding scale that corresponds with the needs of our age?"
      Oh, oh, this was no easy task, but I also knew that Sylvia was up to it.
      "Yes," she said calmly. "Yes, I would recommend this. Since I have ripped up the official agenda that would have confined this meeting into a very narrow range of thinking, I would recommend that we rip up anything and everything that confines humanity and prevents the process of enriching one another's existence. We have gained tremendously by our daring to do the right thing, by opening our eyes, I would recommend that we keep on ripping up whatever confines us. But remember, what we had done after we ripped up the prescribed agenda required a great deal more responsibility and discipline to principle, on everyone's part. We can only rip up the old when we intend to go forward and enrich one another on a wider platform and on a larger scale. This means we can't rip up the marriage bond itself. We must strengthen it by ripping up the boundaries that inhibit the human bonds from coming to light that already exist naturally, which boundaries would isolate us from one another. And then we have to replace what we have ripped up, with a process of building on universal principles that make us all richer. In fact, we will have to do this. If we fail to rip up the old and narrow world order, and rebuilt our humanity on its innermost principle of universal love. As you know, this has become already extremely critical. The fact is, that mankind will cease to exist in the not too distant future if we continue on this path, in spite of the infinite riches that lay at our feet. Thus, we have before us the brightest future ever imagined, which we have the potential to create out of our human resources, but also have before us a very certain and relatively shot dark night in which mankind simply dies, without a bang, and possibly without even as much as a whimper."
      "Words, words, empty words!" someone shouted from the audience. A tall man stood up. "It is easy to say these things, because they can't be proven." he shouted. "Where is the proof? I want concrete proof. And that is where your theory falls apart, because there exists no such proof."
      Turning to me, Sylvia said to the audience, "my husband, as you may remember, recommended on the same day that I ripped up the conference agenda, that we also rip up the royals' agenda that is the most confining agenda ever created, that would shrink the very size of humanity down to forty percent, or even down to ten percent of its present population size. The need to rip up this agenda has already been stated publicly on many occasions, nor has it been denied that depopulation is the imperial platform that is designed to assure the survival of the oligarchy's world feudalism. If we are courageous enough to rip up this agenda, in order to allow humanity to develop, then we have a chance to escape the prepared doom. But we must have also an alternate platform to build this new future on, and there exist only a single foundation for this, which is the principle of universal love. This principle is so profound and so powerful in the development of civilization that mankind's most alert pioneers have called the principle of universal love a divine Principle, or divine Love. Yes we must rip up that which prevents the self-development of humanity as human beings, but we must put in its place a development platform that is build on the most profound principle that defines our humanity, and we must begin with that at the grass roots level where we socially live. It will never be possible to reorganize the world from the top down, and so create a new world. To organize any form of unity from the top down would mean that we would accept a one-world government that would rule over humanity with murderous sanctions and with the force of nuclear bombs. This is not an acceptable option that we can survive, nor would it ever work, indeed, nor will it ever be needed, because it is the innate nature of humanity to reorganize its world from the grass roots level up. That is where the principle of universal love needs to unfold, and it must unfold in all of us. Yes, this includes us all, since we are all a part of humanity."

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