Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 242

      I also pointed out that not a single step of regression from our modern hell will be possible without society's determination to reestablish the sovereignty of nation states across the planet, each with its own national banking system through which the nation creates itself financial credits for its self-development.
      "This marks the end of the empires," said Ross.
      "This is also precisely what the fondi have been fighting for centuries to prevent," added Fred.
      "So what?" said Erica. "The fondi can't change the principle involved. Nor can they hinder society if society decides to develop its potential. The fondi have no power by themselves. They only have whatever power society gives to them, and that can be reduced to zero."

      My assertion about national banking structures in every nation drew some protests from our German ladies who were afraid that the freedom of every nation to create its own financial credits would cause rampant inflation throughout the world. They pointed out that such a thing had happened in Germany after World War I, where more and more money was printed in order to pay for the reparation demands, to the point that it took a wheel barrel full of money to buy a loaf of bread. The ladies pointed out that by this process the whole system collapsed.
      Oh, here I saw an opportunity to pave the way to infinity. I told them that the German collapse story actually illustrates the principle that will save civilization. I suggested that if more and more money is printed, while the physical economy remains the same, then the prices go up for the available products if nothing is created with the new money that can be counted against this money as an equivalent. I explained that this was the reason why the world-financial system collapsed in its entirety, because nothing was produced with the new money that was poured into the financial system. The printing presses were running night and day, creating more and more money, which was poured immediately into the financial markets in order to force the market values up in an effort to hide the fact that the physical economy was collapsing. This process created an infinite inflation, in real terms.
      I suggested to Erica and Renate that if our rotten system hadn't collapsed, it would have soon taken a wheel barrel full of money to buy a single stock certificate that was worth no more than just a slice of a loaf of bread. Naturally, this insanity collapsed. It had to.
      Then, I explained to our two German ladies who were at this point submerged up to their neck in the whirl pool once again, that the printing presses should be running yet once more, full speed, night and day, everywhere in the world, except with the difference, that the new money be used as credit to finance the reconstruction of the physical economy all around the world, which provides the necessities of life, the products that are of real value, the processes that provide the kind of tangible wealth for society that enriches its existence. I explained that this expanding process can never be inflationary when the end product enriches human existence and uplifts civilization.
      I pointed out that by this principle it is actually possible to 'print' a richer civilization in real terms. It is ultimately impossible to overdrive this upwards development. It will never be possible in this process that the value of what is produced on this platform fails to match the value that is attributed in money that is put into the system to produce the goods.
      I told our German ladies that this is the principle that underlies the American System of economy that had once made the USA the richest country in the world. I also asked them to recognize that this principle is one of the key elements for developing the advanced technological society that we had been talking about earlier. I also asked them to recognize that this is the only fundamental principle that exists for creating prosperity, by which the dreams of humanity can come true and its needs be met. I asked them to be very clear on this point, and understand that no other fundamental principle exists for creating prosperity.
      "There is only one fundamental principle of economics, not two, nor three," I said. "For as long as the fondi's empire exists that forces all of the world's nations to rent their financial resources from the empire's 'money bags' at exorbitant demands for profit, called interest, humanity will collapse itself into a new dark age of poverty and impotence, and that is guaranteed, and it is guaranteed to be absolutely inflationary because nothing much of any real value is being produced."

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