Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 241

      "Surprisingly, what we discussed also sets the stage for a new type of religious freedom," said Ross and began to laugh.
      Ross pointed out that if God and man are one in being, as Steve and I understood this concept, then we must look deep into the very heart of our human identity, to find God. He said that he wasn't talking about individual characteristics as a key to finding God, but was talking about the human dimension that unfolds towards infinity.
      "In this boundless new dimension that we have been talking about, the dimension of 'infinite' being with infinite resources being developed, God and man are one and the same in this state of creative being," I said to Ross. "Infinite, in this sense, means a state of being without limits, without, borders, without wasteful processes or idle pursuits that lead nowhere except to the 'hell' of poverty and slavery."
      Erica agreed. "Didn't I say to you in Leipzig that we haven't even started to discover anything yet, compared to what there is yet to be discovered?" She smiled, looking at me.
      I had to admit that I couldn't remember her saying that.
      "To me, religious freedom means something quite different," said Tony. "It appears like a paradox, really. On one hand it signifies the right of man to freedom from religion, and this includes not just the old Byzantine doctrine, but also every concept under the sun that limits humanity in the name of some god, whether this god be called the Lord of Lords, or money, or the earth itself. The reason for this assessment is, that freedom does not come from a void or a false and limiting perception. The only freedom that we can possibly have unfolds from what you might call Divine Principle, a principle that can be understood, that uplifts humanity, like the principle of universal love, or divine Love. In the physical context this may be called the principle of economics, the proof of which lies in the increase of the potential population density of the world. In the divine context the proof is found in humanity itself, which reflects God as Love, as Life, as Truth, unfolding in the beauty of the universal Soul and Mind that is manifest in our humanity. But can you call this religion anymore? I think not. I think religion is too small a concept. The proper concept would be one that combines divinity and science, that represents what the human being is."
      "God, therefore, does not exist IN humanity, nor apart from it," said Ross, as if to summarize where our exploration led us. "God and man ARE One," he said. He emphasized, are! "This is the reality of our being. This is our divinity and or humanity. The concept of unity is therefore a built in fundamental aspect of this whole. Whatever would divide humanity, like the impositions of Perfidious Albion, or the imposition of property rights, or religiosity, or ethnic identification, nationalism, and such other fantasies as are significant only in the artificial imperial context, all constitute a slap into the face of God. They really do!"
      Ross concluded that the development of true religion, which embraces the divinity of God and Man as a singular concept, which he agreed wasn't religion anymore, was actually, more correctly, the underlying foundation for the principle of economics. "The bottom line is," he said, "we human beings are the supreme being. We are not slaves, nor serves to anyone."

      Unfortunately, I had to spoil our wonderful dreaming by pointing out that none of this matters if the political challenges cannot be overcome that presently stand in the way at every step on our march towards human development. I suggested that the technological and demographic challenges are by far the easiest ones to overcome towards the realization of the human potential. I suggested that the political challenges are a much more formidable barrier, especially those challenges that are created by the fondi's empire. I pointed out that the slightest steps towards any meaningful human development becomes instantly sabotaged by the full force of the empire. I suggested that the empire would sooner destroy four fifth of humanity than have true human development unfolding on this planet, by which the feudal platform on which the empire's existence depends, would be doomed.

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