Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 240

      Erica pointed out that much more will have to happen, and will happen. She suggested that society will become extremely aware which principles are absolutely vital to be utilized. For instance all of society's dwellings will become upgraded in such a measure as to provide the kind of living space individuals require for their spiritual and cultural development as human beings. They will laugh at us today, as we force a family of four to live in a single room. They will call us fools, as we waste those people's potential that cannot be developed under those circumstances, to say nothing about the homeless living in the streets.
      "There are presently three million homeless people living on the streets of Calcutta," said Erica. She suggested that people in future ages will call the present society a bunch of criminals on that account alone, because when the human need for a decent living space is met, and food and so forth, which presently is sadly lacking, the currently unrealized potential of humanity becomes developed, whereby society becomes enriched. There exists no excuse for people being forced to live in poverty anywhere on the planet.
      "This means that the application of labor to built the required dwellings has an effect on society as a whole, and will be included in what is considered to be truly of value to society, in terms of what enriches its world," said I, in getting back to Sylvia's earlier question. "These efforts are therefore valuable by the product they create in the overall scheme, towards enriching society."
      Here Sylvia began to laugh. "Isn't it ironic," she said, "we protested against the official agenda that would have us deal with property right in the modern world. Now, we find that we have no choice but to deal with exactly that issue, although on a higher level. The issue of property rights must be resolved in the most fundamental sense, in order to be meaningful in the universal sense. Property rights are not contrary to human rights in the universal sense, where humanity develops its world for a richer and more secure existence. In fact, the hole of humanity should live in a vastly richer world, even a vastly richer kind of world than the oligarchs presently want for themselves. The battle of property rights versus human rights is an element of isolated wealth versus universal wealth. The development of universal wealth is an element of the principle of economics that must never be ignored. It is en element of universal love by which we uplift the whole of humanity, including ourselves."
      "The official intend for the conference was to have us come up with the opposite conclusions," Fred interjected. "We were supposed to defend the empire's property rights against the need to respect the fundamental human rights, and the necessity for human development. Naturally, this kind of distortion of justice and reality always divides humanity and isolates it into rich and poor, which becomes a self-feeding spiral of death. If we had complied with the official request, perfidious Albion would have won on two counts against humanity with ease, in its game of divide and rule. We must never forget that the focus on upholding the rights of society as a whole, unifies people as a community united on the platform of a higher principle."
      "I think we have made this very clear to ourselves," Heather agreed.
      "Actually, we have a totally different type of unity developed here, than what was intended, and is normally understood as unity," said Tony. He said that we have a unity, here, that is much broader than any marriage can be, even broader than our own larger form of it.
      "We have a type of marriage unfolding in universal love," said Tony, "that embraces the whole of humanity on a basis by which humanity finds value in itself and assures that this value is not lost, nor wasted, or is insufficiently unfolding. This true type of unity is of course built on an absolute spiritual platform. It focuses on the value of man, which in fact cannot be fully perceived on a smaller platform, than the universal platform."

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