Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 236

      I had also learned that the earth's crust, which covers the mantle that contains these vast resources of useful material, is extremely thin at the ocean floor, and may even be absent altogether in some places, so that these resources are fully exposed.
      Erica suggested to us later that this feature makes the mantle readily accessible to deep ocean open pit mining with remote controlled equipment. Renate suggested that the complete uniformity of the materials in the mantle would make it possible to exploit those resources with large scale automated production processes that would provide humanity with unlimited amounts of magnesium, iron, and pure silicon. Nor would one have to worry about any polluting residues from the mining operation and from the production processes, since every part of the orthosilicates is an extremely useful material. In other words, there would be no residues, no waste. Quite literally, the "dust of the earth" could yield the infinite riches for mankind's future.
      The real excitement began when we tried to imagine what could be constructed with these infinitely available materials that we have literally lying untouched at our feet, that can easily be exploited in an energy rich, advanced technological culture that humanity has the power to implement, and always had. One of us suggested that these materials, especially an infinite supply of magnesium, would revolutionize housing and other types of construction, and take the pressure away from wood products and other rare resources. Housing could become industrially produced with virtually no effort, and therefore for very little cost. We also felt that these infinitely available materials would revolutionize transportation. Floating bridges could be created, several kilometers wide, that would connect the world's continents with a global transportation network for fast freight and ultra-high-speed rail passenger traffic. These intercontinental bridges would facilitate water and energy resource distribution, communications lines and high speed roadways. Intercontinental air transportation would likely become a thing of history by then. The intercontinental floating bridges would create an ideal platform to carry super fast mag-lev trains operating in an airless environment, in the form of giant vacuum tubes at speeds in excess of 10,000 miles per hour, according to a principle that as has long been recognized as the most ideal long distance transportation method that could ever be built.
      I, with my limited technological knowledge, suggested to our distinguished assembly of scientists that vast submerged fresh water reservoirs could be created with the utilization of those infinitely abundant materials. These global reservoirs would be fed by the world's great rivers to make the present fresh water shortage around the world a thing of history for all times to come.
      Erica suggested that even farming would undergo a radical transformation. All of the basic food production processes would likely be moved into indoors facilities with self-contained environments where our food plants could be protected from pests without pesticides and be grown in a more a more natural manner without toxic chemicals that destroy the soil microorganisms. She suggested that such a process would make our present farming methods that produce largely nutritionally hollow foods a thing of the past. This by itself, would eradicate countless nutrition related diseases. These indoor farming facilities, of course, could be build hundreds of stories high, powered by artificial sunlight, produced by large scale nuclear fusion energy plants. Naturally, an agricultural revolution of this type would free up vast tracts of land for human enjoyment, and as a lot of people have wished for a long time, those recovered lands could be reintegrated into the natural system.
      Renate pointed out that this type of economy would have to be powered exclusively by nuclear fusion energy, of the most advanced sort, meaning nuclear fusion energy, or even antimatter energy technology that is still in the realm of dreams, but appears logically feasible.
     Renate also pointed out humanity's thinking would have to be revolutionized is a similar fashion. Right of the bat, the development of nuclear fusion technologies would have to be given top priority, which has presently been stalled in order to maintain the dominance of oil, and oil wealth, that empires depend on. But she pointed out that these types of obstructions will all be put aside quite naturally, in the future, when humanity decides that it wants to live again, because nothing else than nuclear energy systems could possibly create the needed energy density, especially nuclear fusion that is clean, safe, and for which infinite resources are available. In fact, the modern advanced economy could only be powered with nuclear fusion as a power source, which is in fact the only natural nuclear energy process in existence; which is the process that powers the sun.

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