Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 235

      "The Chinese weren't quite as thoroughly brainwashed by Adam Smith," Ross joked. "They came close. They had a slogans that being rich is beautiful, but they also worked hard to fulfill this dream and produced things to make their world as rich as they could possibly make it. They didn't just steal their riches the Adam Smith way, through greed centered so-called economics."
      "Few people recognized the fraud that was perpetrated in the West," Heather agreed. "This fraud was putting a smoke screen over the real economic collapse until it was too late, and it was done on purpose in order to keep the reality hidden and the financial bubble growing. This should have been called insanity," she added. She laughed, "this so-called prosperity was actually so poorly concealed that a child would have found it ridiculous to talk about, if it had known the facts."
      "Unfortunately, not even this happened, because the children, too, had become so stupefied that they too, couldn't see the reality of their collapsing world," Renate added. "Who would have thought that this would be the ultimate fate of America that everybody had admired and looked up to?"
      After our introduction of each other at the pub, Erica and Renate simply stayed with us till the end of the conference, which, naturally, enlarged our clan of advanced thinkers once again. Except those days and nights unfolded with quite a different type of intimacy. The focus was shifted on solving the paradox that we had talked about at the pub. This shift in focus totally changed the prevailing atmosphere. The atmosphere became lighter, brighter, buoyant with an ever-growing hope that it may yet be possible to realize humanity's great potential. We were beaming at each other in this unfolding atmosphere of optimism that lay beyond the narrow minded dreaming of the world, an optimism that at times seemed brighter than the sun. We shared our thoughts about the enormous riches that were literally laying at our feet as human beings, and about the technological processes that were so close at hand to be implemented to develop those riches.
      During those last days and nights we were exploring those almost infinite riches of humanity and of our universe. We actually didn't have time to do a lot of sleeping, because the subject was so extensive and far too exiting for sleeping. Upon Erica's suggestion, and her friend's, we converted their double room into a perpetual conference area. We had enough space in our section of the hotel to accommodate everyone, especially since we only went to bed, so it seemed, when sleep became unavoidable. In such cases we fell asleep cuddled up to each other and dreamed of a bright and beautiful world.
      Speaking for myself, I learned more during those last days and nights about nuclear power, organic chemistry, geology, and astrophysics, than I had learned in my entire lifetime. We totally skipped the conference during those last days and concluded it on a much higher level. Only on the final day were we back on the floor when the time came for Erica to present a scientific summary, that she had been scheduled for. Naturally, that summary became in a large measure a summary of our explorations, to create a recognition of what we felt every delegate should be aware of before returning home. We felt that this was necessary to generate a renewed optimism in the minds of the people of a dying world, that our world had become. Fortunately for us, that summary was still a few days distant.

      Speaking for myself again, I thought that I had learned quite a bit about the makeup of the earth, especially since the day I had first met Erica in Leipzig where she awakened my interest in this vital exploration. What she had told me in Leipzig had been intriguing, to say the least. The subject was of a type that fascinated me more, the more I looked into it. I conducted a study of it whenever an opportunity presented itself. I had learned, for instance, that the earth's mantle is nearly 3000 Km thick and is made up almost entirely of magnesium, iron, silicon, and oxygen, and that these vast resources are bound up into orthosilicates that are conveniently for us, virtually homogenous around the planet.

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