Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 234

      Renate Vogt, whom Erica had met while she worked in the brokerage business, had accepted my invitation to join us. She pointed out that the opposite of the mythological view is usually real.
      "The higher that the financial markets went," she said, "the faster did the physical economy collapse as its life blood became drained out of it. In the third world countries people died in large numbers, as the result of this. But in our office, this was cause for celebration. People should have cried when the indexes went up and up, because their real worth in terms of actual value, as related to the functioning of the physical economy to which all financial claims are related, collapsed in the same proportion."

      Our British friends didn't like that assessment, but Ross just looked at them and shook his head, which somehow ended their objections.
      Renate told us that a huge section of the population in Europe, especially at the low end of the income scale, had been written off by their own governments. She looked at me and added that it wasn't quite as bad in Europe as it became in America under the new world order that created roaming masses of migrant workers looking for any kind of work, and great masses of the immobile urban poor that became increasingly homeless. She pointed out that this economic disease, of which homelessness is but a symptom, spread rapidly, engulfing more and more people, as entire industries were shut down.
      "Tell us something we don't know," Tony interjected. "Tell us that it was better in Europe. Tell us something that we can celebrate."
      "Let her speak," Heather cut him off. "I want to know how much more accurately people in Europe understood America, than our blindfolded masses did who had their head stuck into sand like so many ostrich birds and were media fed with a rich diet of lies."
      "I believe that those unwary, who were swept away by the 'new rationalization', were left to die when reality took over their dreams. I think the American people woke up from their dream images that reflected what the media was proclaiming, when they were deprived of the most basic necessities for human life, such as health care, education, transportation, a place to live; when they were denied access to the most minimal rations of food that a human being requires. Yes, some people woke up before they died. Of course, some never did wake up. They died, firmly believing that the disintegration wasn't real; that a recovery was just around the corner. Am I right?"
      Sylvia nodded. "This happened all over the world," she said quietly.
      "Yes, this was happening also in the less developed countries who had to export their food to earn an income for debt service payments. Look at Argentina. Argentina produced enough food at the worst of times, to feed up to 300 million people, but they weren't allowed to keep enough of it to feed their own people. People died if starvation. Countless children died, and many more simply couldn't develop into normal human beings for the lack of food. Great masses of hungry people daily scavenged the garbage dumps, but there wasn't enough garbage to go around. Still, the government believed there would be a recovery; a financial recovery; an IMF led recovery; while the IMF dictates were killing more and more people, until the whole thing eventually disintegrated. Maybe the people who were responsible for this never did wake up, but were simply swept away into their grave."
      "In the mythological mind set of the financial crowd, this collapse wasn't included in what they looked at," said Ross.
      "Yes, they spoke about prosperity when people were dying," said Erica, "and the governments aided this misconception. This happened everywhere, except possibly in China."

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