Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 233

      Erica explained that her new husband, Kurt Wagner, would not have prevented us from completing our affair, back then.
      "We share our life," she said, "but we don't take up all of each other's time. We allow room for additional joys whenever there is a worthy outlook on the horizon. We have determined to open our hearts to the whole 'garden' of life. We have found that with these additional joys our happiness becomes more diffusive and more secure, and much wider in its perspective as it must necessarily be when the whole 'garden' is feeding it. Being a gardener himself, Kurt understands these things."

      With this having been said, Erica suggested that we should perhaps continue our affair that we cut off so long ago, and let it run to its natural completion, and go on from there. She told me that she had come with a friend to Caracas, by the name of Renate Vogt. She invited me to come to their place for a night or two.
      I replied that I would be honored to do that, but that I first wanted her to meet our clan at Alberto's pub after the day's meeting. I asked her to invite her friend to come along.

      Naturally, the conversation at the pub was at first focused on her speech that morning. This may have been a diversion. I felt that the others really wanted to know how we came to know each other, but since this had already been reflected in her speech, I didn't see a need to add anything.
      "I have come to realize a long time ago," said Erica to Sylvia, "that whatever people focus on when their vision is narrowly confined, is never real. When ones vision is narrow, one sees only a tiny bit of reality. Consequently, ones perception is incomplete, and one's life is incomplete, too. The narrow vision creates in thought mythological perceptions that have nothing to do with the reality underlying human existence."
      She explained to Sylvia that this was in a large part the reason why her first marriage broke up. "Fritz didn't want a human being to share his life with on a platform of enriching one another's existence," she said. "As I told Pete already, Fritz wanted a slave for sex on demand, and sometimes he utilized me as a status symbol that he would show off to his friends, like some trophy that he had won by marrying me."
      After this she added sadly, "Mostly, Fritz wanted me as someone he could toy around with, who would entertain him. I wasn't even allowed to be glum, or sad. When I was depressed, that made him angry. It was my job to make him happy. The kind of person he wanted exists only in the mythological world. Nobody that I know would ever fit this mold. A real human being isn't a sex slave, a trophy, or an entertaining clown. Fritz wanted some mythological creature which he will never find, unless some actor plays that role for him for a price. Still, I don't blame him. He was the product of the vary narrow vision that has confined the whole of society in so many different ways."
      She explained to Sylvia that Fritz had built his own trap, because whenever a person's mental focus is narrowly confined, that person becomes blind to the world. Such a tragedy renders it quite impossible for a person to escape the mythological trap that is feeding the tragedy, since the true perception of reality is thereby kept out of sight.
      She explained to Sylvia that she recognized that the same happened everywhere, whenever the focus is made extremely narrow by which the world becomes hidden from people's view. In the financial world the mythological object is called speculative profit. She pointed out that in the real world there exists no such thing as a speculative profit. There is speculative stealing, perhaps, but stealing has nothing to do with creating a profit that enriches society.

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