Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 3a - Here Begins a New World.
page 229

      Erica also spoke about the fondi. She didn't say how she got in contact with them, but she was well aware of their determination to create a still deeper poverty than what has already been achieved by them, built on more devastating wars and for the express purpose of depopulating the planet which creates even more poverty as it disables mankind's development potential.
      "This devastating goal can only be reached when the mental focus is so narrow that nothing is perceived that is profoundly real about our humanity," she said. "That is why society's vision is tightly confined and focused on lies, so that the lies become perceived as reality."
      "Here, a problem comes to light," she said to the audience, moments later. "As the fondi's empire creates more and more poverty, humanity's garden becomes gradually destroyed by these efforts. The problem is, that humanity, being tightly focused on a single concept of economy, and the very worst of it, fails to recognize that the garden as a whole is being trampled under foot."
      Erica said that humanity is in extremely great danger of being destroyed from within, without anyone taking notice that this is happening. Humanity's narrow focus has prevented it from even acknowledging the depopulation policies of the fondi, to say nothing about fighting against these policies for its very existence. Erica suggested, however, that humanity's narrow perception is artificially generated in an effort to create a sanctuary for the fondi in which the fondi are able to develop their destructive policies unchallenged and unhindered. She insisted that this sanctuary of a stupefied environment can be destroyed and be replaced with a new renaissance of scientific development and spiritual awareness.
      She pointed out that the outcome of the fondi's stupefying process has been astonishing, but that it can still be reversed by shedding a little light onto this horrid scene. With humanity being locked to its narrow vision, the fondi were able to experiment freely with various types of depopulation processes in their laboratory, which Africa had been chosen to be. Erica suggested that this hidden trend explains why it was possible for the fondi to arrange and finance the murder of several million people in the upper Congo, without as much as a whimper of protest being heard from the nations of the world. She said that the funeral pyres were burning for weeks, even months in some cases, in which the murdered bodies were incinerated to hide the evidence from the world. She said that the bodies had been stacked up like chord wood at the road sides, the bodies of children, woman, and men of all ages, and that all of this was known to the world as reported by people who had escaped from this hell. "But nobody bothered to take note of this attack on humanity," she said, "as if Africa wasn't a part of the world, and the murdered people hadn't been a part of humanity."
      Erica pointed out that the blood money, with which the mining companies and other enterprises of the fondi's empire had financed their invasion of Zaire, that had unleashed the murdering of more than a million people, earned them the mineral rights to vast tracts in the Congo. These tracts were tens of thousands of square kilometers in size. Tragically, the world said not a word in protest against the genocide that was perpetrated for this kind of 'profit.' Erica said that most people that she had talked to at this time, didn't care what happened in Africa. They said it wasn't their concern. They said in essence that they had no interest in that part of the garden.
      Erica added that this was just an example of the kind of things going on all over the world with ever widening circles of devastation.
      "I think it will be their concern soon," she added in this context, "when the circle of genocide expands to the part of the world where they live, when the depopulation processes are taken out of the laboratory environment and become applied to their home world as well, which is already happening in the form of AIDS."

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