Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 2a - In the Brilliance of a Night
page 227

      "And if we don't?" I asked.
      "If we don't, Euler will love us, and Gauss will make us look like fools," said Ushi. "Leonhard Euler was one of the great mathematician of the 18th Century, but he was also a fool. He threw out his propositions before the scientific community, which he couldn't prove, so he invented magic numbers to make the end result come out right. In the Meno dialog, Socrates demonstrated to his friend Menon that even a slave boy can operate in the complex domain and develop those kinds of proofs without having been taught anything before hand, because the complex domain, where the human mind becomes the main factor for looking at the universe, is the domain of our humanity. That capability is what defines us as human beings, Peter. It is, what sets us apart from any animal or any other being in the universe. Euler didn't operate in that domain, or didn't know how to. Then Carl Friedrich Gauss came along; he was barely 23 years of age, and in a written thesis that was required of him for getting into the university, he proved all of the great mathematicians of the past, specifically Euler and Lagrange, to have been fools who could not prove what they were talking about. So he delivered the proof that they didn't, or wouldn't, or couldn't be bothered with. With this single university entrance paper Gauss uplifted the entire scientific domain. He changed the way people were thinking. He took humanity beyond the limited concept of Euclidian space. He opened up a whole new way of thinking physical dimensions. Bernhard Riemann, who became a student of Gauss, build on Gauss's way of thinking and developed it further. That is what we must do in respect the Principle of universal Love. We have an inkling that it is something big, but we know literally nothing about it. We have no proof of anything. Yes, we have made a daring step forward to test the waters. In fact, we have taken a daring step to lift the whole concept out of the waters to a high level, and I am looking forward to many more advances along that line, but we can't allow ourselves to work like Euler did, or Lagrange."
      "Maybe we can begin in the same manner as the slave boy worked things out in the Meno dialog," I suggested.
      "I think we have already taken that first step," said Steve. "It was a small step perhaps, but a giant step for mankind. You have heard that phrase before, right? Still, we have no irrefutable proof that we have stepped in the right direction. We have an idea, and everything that we know tells us that this is a truthful idea, but can we proof this to ourselves?"
      "I know how we can prove this," Ushi interrupted Steve. "I don't know much about Euler, and Gauss, and Riemann," she said to me, "except what Steve taught me. But there is something that I do understand absolutely. I understand the proof that the slave boy worked out in the Meno dialog. I understand it, because I can prove it to myself. Also, I have been able to utilize the principles involved to proof the Pythagoras theorem that for any right triangle the square over the large side is equal to the sum of the squares of the remaining sides. Steve had asked me to prove to myself that I could develop that proof, and I did it. I did it all by myself, by building on the principle of the Meno proof that I already understood. So, I proved to myself that the Pythagoras theorem is correct for all possible situation, because I can see the principle illustrated in geometry, before my very eyes. When I showed the solution to Steve, he just laughed and congratulated me for having proven that I am a human being, because only human beings are inherently able to 'live' in the complex domain. I think we can deliver the proof for the Principle of universal Love on the same platform..."
      "and so prove to ourselves that we are human beings," Steve interrupted her, and began to laugh. "All that I can say for sure is," said Steve, "that the Principle of universal Love exists in the complex domain. The proof lies there. We know the Principle exists, because it has touched our lives. We just need to discover the underlying principles and so prove the greater by taking the lesser to a higher level. On the lower level platform of what is called love, everything that happened last night is absolutely impossible. The problems that would have arisen are so insurmountable, that nothing of the sort could have happened. But we are human beings. We are not bound to the lowest concept of everything. We can lift ourselves to higher levels of thinking where higher principles come into view, and so we develop solutions that are not possible on the lower levels where the problems are defined. Thus we step into the complex domain where ideas, principles, and truth take the place of emotions. And since love is a distinctly human quality, I am sure it can ultimately only be found in the complex domain."
      Steve raised his cup of coffee. "This calls for a celebration," he said solemnly. "We have taken the first steps into the complex domain in the sphere of love; a baby step perhaps, but a step nonetheless. And with that tiny step we have gone further ahead than anyone I know has gone before us."
      "Now that I can agree with," said Ushi, and raised her cup likewise.
      "That's what happens when you open Pandora's box," Steve continued,
now grinning. "Once you open it, it's open. You have to deal with everything that's in it. You can't say: I don't want to deal with everything except sexual division, or marriage division."
      He turned to me. "Remember, I warned you to be careful before you opened Pandora's box. As you may recall, the box was given by Zeus to the beautiful and gifted first woman of Greek mythology, named Pandora. As you may further recall, Zeus was no friend of mankind. Zeus gave her the box that contained all of the ills of
human beings plaque themselves with. Zeus commanded, that this box must never be opened. Evidently, Zeus wanted to keep the box closed so that the ills of mankind would never be dealt with, and he wanted Pandora to carry the blame for it as the keeper of the box. Nevertheless, so the legend goes, Pandora opened the box contrary to Zeus' command, and so did we. Now we have to deal with what's in it. The final result of this action, of course, can't be anything less than the total freedom of mankind."
      Steve added that the whole of human society has to deal with this problem, as we have begun to do. 

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