Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 2a - In the Brilliance of a Night
page 220

      Steve came back from the balcony, in the dark. He stopped in the kitchen. I heard him pour another glass of soda water. He brought me one, too.
      "I know you feel uncomfortable about this," he said, handing me the glass. Soda water is Steve's favorite drink. We had gone through three bottles that night. He would add slices of fresh cut lemon which he crushed with a spoon, squeezing the last drops of juice out of them. It made an excellent drink for a hot night. I joined him at the window where he stood.
      "Be careful," he said. "There is one comment Christ Jesus had made on marriage that you might want to consider as an alternative to freedom: Suffer it to be so now! Is he not saying with this: Be certain your cup is full to the brim before you dare to break out of this age old confinement? If your cup isn't full, then you break away only from the form of the doctrine, but not from its enslaving mythology. And as for sex? Our sexuality is embedded within the oneness and wholeness of all being. You can't get away from facing its demands, but you can get tangled up in its poverty. What comes out of poverty always degrades and hurts people. It can even cost you your life; so be careful!" He put his hand on my shoulder as we stood by the window in the dark. My heart was pounding as if it was trying to pop out.
      "Tomorrow you go back across the border," he said, "where you will live as you must live according to your customs, but in this house, maybe only for once in your life, you will be able to step beyond the world's poverty. It may change your life. It may even change the world. Life and love are not something shallow, they are deep and profound. We all have it within us to move readily in response to their demands."
      I was speechless. I said thank you, finally, but nothing more.
      "Thank me for what?" he asked. "What is happening here should be regarded as the norm, rather than as an exception. We bring to each other the gift of love. We enrich each other's existence with love. Love is the outflow of our joy in the beauty of another's being. How rich we are in this! No thanks are needed in this unfolding of expanding freedoms that make us all richer. The expanding freedoms in caring for one another should be the hallmark of our civilization, Pete. They have the potential to make our civilization the richest thing in the universe."
      Steve paused after this and drank some more of his soda water. "What is happening here, Pete, should not be seen as exceptional, but as natural. The world is in a terrible mess because this natural flow has been prevented from happening. The whole of humanity has become more and more oligarchic. People give to each other gifts of countless types of bullets. Just look at your own world. America is divided into fifty million household which have become little words unto themselves where the focus is inward oriented towards what one can get for ones family or for oneself, usually at the expense of others. These inwards oriented mini empires are defended with bullets of all sorts. This inwards oriented focus creates very tight boundaries which are deemed to define the marriage bond. Boundaries smother affections, Peter."
      Steve continued, "Tell me, Peter, who in America is interested in enriching the life of his neighbor, or that of the nation? Most people steal from their neighbor and try to cheat their nation at income tax time. People steal from each other legally. Huge profits are demanded by people from one another, especially in the financial markets in which nothing is being produced that enriches society. In other words, the profits that are drawn are stolen from other investors, or from the nation. Of course, the royals of this world are playing this game on a vastly larger scale by which entire nations become destroyed. That is why they encourage the looting game at the grassroots level, in order to justify the global looting game on which their existence depends. That is why they are interested in keeping the game securely rooted at the grassroots level. Nor are the royals alone in this. They have infected the whole world with their disdain for humanity."

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