Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 2a - In the Brilliance of a Night
page 218

      Steve shook his head, "You are still not looking far enough, Pete. I am certain, if the principle of universal love becomes understood, which moves us to enrich one another's existence as it unfolds in our hearts, we can change the world in every single aspect that has become destructive to it. We can go beyond anything that existed before. We can go right to the heart of freedom. The footsteps have all been laid out. It may be challenging to take those steps, but we can understand the principles and utilize them to enrich our lives. Perhaps we may not change the whole world instantly, but we can certainly change our immediate world in this house, right now, tonight, and we are doing it. We should celebrate this."
      Steve paused for a moment, than he went on. "If the principle of love had been understood by humanity at the time when that book was written that you just read from, World War I would have been avoided, and World War II would not have been thought off," he said. "It is our challenge to do this now in the larger world. We must achieve that, step by step. That's the only option we have for staying alive in a nuclear armed world."
      "How can this be done?" I asked with amazement.
      "I give you one year to find the answer," Steve replied from the far side of the room where he stood as he took the book back. He came back with still another book in his hand and motioned me to follow him downstairs.
      He told me on the stairs that he had found a great treasure, recently. The way he was holding the book, it was obvious what he referred to. The book was another very old leather bound volume.
      "Let me read to you from the American Declaration of Independence," he said as we were seated downstairs near the open window with the cool air blowing in from the park. "Keep in mind the isolating models that turn people into servants to the very depth of their being, that this declaration counteracts."
      Ushi was pouring the coffee while he was searching through the book. I was puzzled by what he might have meant when he said, "to the very depth of their being?" Did he mean to the depth of their identity as human beings? This identity was also reflected in my honesty towards myself and Ushi, as Ushi had already recognized on the beach, or my feelings towards others, or everything together?
      While Steve searched through the book, I dared to ask what the focus would be. He shook his head. Then, he asked whether I thought it possible for one to acknowledge oneself honestly without violating the distorted marriage model of the third book of Moses, the book of the politicized law, the adulterated law that the priesthood had created, that is focused on boundaries and penalties.
      I suggested to Steve that the devotion by humanity to fit that narrow mold must have caused incalculable damage to its development.
      Steve shook his head. He suggested that an honest person invariably breaks such a law, because this law is not based on reality. He suggested that Christ Jesus understood this, and that this understanding gave him the assurance of success in the case of defending the adulterous woman. He said to the people that whosoever had not invalidated the false law in their own conscience already, that is, who had not felt the substance of love in their own heart, even to some degree, should be the first to throw the stone. He was evidently certain that this exempted everyone from the fascist duty that the corrupted law had imposed.
      At this point Steve found what he was looking for: the Declaration of Independence. He read it slowly and solemnly:
      "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

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