Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 2a - In the Brilliance of a Night
page 216

      Steve laughed. "You realize of course," said Steve, "that the priests who have perverted that law understood this principle well. The way in which the doctored version is arranged, the very next chapter following the Decalogue deals with rules and consequences related to property. It establishes human slavery as a legitimate process; it regulates it; it legitimizes the killing of people in property oriented conflicts; it also introduces the infamous 'eye for an eye' concept, the tit for tat concept that leads to endless cycles of war and retribution and counter-retribution that some day may kill us all. This corrupting focus on property issues, that had been added to the corrupted Decalogue. That corruption, all by itself, should stand as a warning for humanity. If one opens the Pandora's box pertaining to property rights, the whole human scene is set up to disintegrate and collapse, just as it is in the process of doing right now. The only thing that the priests hadn't included in their corruption of the Decalogue was a direct reference to nuclear war."
       Steve grinned, "I suppose we can count ourselves lucky for that."
       He paused and looked at me with his penetrating look. "Tell me," he said, "what is the active element of Moses' last commandment that counsels against coveting property?  What fundamental principle counteracts the property mythology? What principle is being denied when people become captivated by this mythology?" he asked. "What principle do you know that can counteract the madness that is presently driving society towards its doom?" He looked at me. "What is that principle, Pete, that prevents that?"
       I shrugged my shoulders.
       "You should know that," said Steve. "The counteracting principle is the General Welfare Principle. Our own nation has been founded on it. It is the fundamental element of the Preamble of the U.S. Federal Constitution. It remains still to be implemented, mind you, but it exists. There were a few periods when people actually tried to implement this principle, and they even had some degree of success. Those were the richest periods for our nation, Peter. Right now, the principle is completely rejected, while it should be the central element of our foreign and domestic policies."
      Steve paused again. Then he asked me how all this relates to us individually, that very night, in his house. He didn't wait for me to answer. He was leaning across the small table with his hands folded, looking at me over the top of his glasses. "We must make every possible effort to implement every single one of those directives," he said in answering his own question. "The principles that the directives represent provide us great riches, and great freedoms," he said. "I intend to honor the bond of love that has unfolded between Ushi and you, and so does Ushi, I am sure that she does. I see this also as an easy and joyous requirement to fulfill," he added, "because I respect the honesty that stands behind it, and your endeavor to enrich one another, even your regard for one another as beautiful human beings with a great potential for uplifting the world. So I must help you. I must nurture that unfolding love in any way I can. I must do this in order to help you realize its potential. I also respect your budding understanding that a person cannot be property. You are dealing with this concept now. I also respect that you are beginning to understand that the only thing that is left for us all to do, is to bring to one another our love, with which to enrich one another's existence. So you see, the Decalogue that you spoke of so contemptuously, impedes nothing that would open the door to a more joyous existence with great freedoms. If fact it inspires it to happen."
      Steve paused and smiled. "All these elements put together," he continued, "bring us closer to experiencing the sublime that exists above all the lower forms of human concerns. Moses' Decalogue really is the gateway to the sublime if it is scientifically understood, a gateway to incredible freedoms and riches. It appears that Moses understood important scientific principles that we no longer understand today, or don't want to understand, because we have been taught the opposite for centuries. This means that we have to let go of all the false dogmas and axioms that we have been taught for centuries and rebuild our lives on a new foundation that has a footing rooted in absolute Truth."

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