Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 2a - In the Brilliance of a Night
page 215

     Steve added, "And still, this principle demands more. It demands that the human commitment for enriching one another be focused onto developing one another's cultural, scientific, and spiritual potential that is inherent in a human being. We must develop what makes us uniquely human. If this development is blocked, we literally steal from one another's life, and from ourselves, even from the world, in terms of what might be established. Thus, we can transgress the law against stealing without even laying a finger on another person's property. This makes the law much more difficult to understand. Indeed, there are not many people in society who aim to enrich one another and the whole world. To the contrary. The outright stealing of one another's property with trickery and cunning has become a world-wide epidemic, especially in the financial and legal arena, but not only there. The resulting degradation of our world and human society has such severe consequences that the world's entire financial and economic structures are thereby being collapsed."
      Steve paused and looked at me again, and smiled. "It gets tougher, still," he said. "Much more difficult than the commandment not to steal, is the next commandment in line, the commandment not to lie to one another. On the surface this appears to be a passive directive, such as not to tell an untruth with the intent to deceive. But this commandment, again, reflects an active principle that takes us beyond the passive level. The commandment not to lie should be seen as an active requirement. The active requirement evidently, is that one is honest with oneself. If one is honest with oneself about the worth and the beauty of a human being as this is due to the tallest expression of life on the planet, in the very image of God, then the unfolding respect for one another and oneself automatically prevents one from ever intentionally deceiving another. It just won't happen, because we see each other from a higher standpoint that inspires honor, support, and respect."
      Steve shook his head. "Unfortunately, modern society is very far from even recognizing this standard. Outright lying to one another has become a world wide pandemic. People lie to their friends, their spouses, their neighbors, their peers, their governments, but mostly they lie to themselves. They dishonor the very image of the human being. This has horrendous consequences. Out of this background of lying to oneself about the nature of man came the Eugenics theories which define certain people as scum. This is the idea that Adolf Hitler had latched onto for the purpose of doing away with the Jewish people. He no longer defined them as human beings, nor as the tallest expression of life on the planet, but as 'useless eaters.' Modern depopulation demands are built on these same types of lies and involve similar consequences. These lies all involve the same rejection of the fundamental principle that is reflected in the Decalogue with regard to lying. This means that we must honor every effort that is made by people to be honest with themselves. And I mean 'every' effort, yours included. We have a long way to go, my friend, before we can even think about meeting this demanding directive universally."
      Steve paused again and grinned. He said that the next commandment is still harder to implement, saying that it is the hardest of them all. "It is the requirement not to covet property," said Steve. "This, too, must be seen as something more than just a passive requirement. Right now, the whole world is property oriented. The quest for property has fractured the whole human society with countless divisions for economic gain and controlling interests. We have fought wars for these objectives, and we are ready to do so again. We are even willing, in this quest, to risk the destruction of our entire world, including ourselves, in a holocaust of a nuclear war. We are not willing however, at this time, to deal with the root cause of the issue that we offer our lives to, the property mythology. For the demands of this mythology we cheat, lie, steal and kill, and enslave one another. It is as if Moses understood the tragic outcome, should humanity go down the property lane, because he warned what would happen if we don't recognize the fundamental principle behind that final commandment."

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