Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 2a - In the Brilliance of a Night
page 205

      "What then have we pursued for those thousands of years, Steve?" I asked perplexed. "Doesn't this long consistency also point to an underlying truth?"
      Steve just laughed. "What scientific notion is this? What has time got to do with truth? For thousands upon thousands of years humanity has believed the earth to be flat, but it isn't, is it? Just because we have believed a lie for centuries doesn't change the reality. It doesn't change anything. It doesn't transform the lie into the truth. Sexual division and isolation has no basis in truth. As far as I can tell, it has been artificially created to serve the needs of empires. The priest says that sexual isolation is the will of God. The heart says the opposite, and always has said this, for thousands of years. But the priests controlled our thinking, and so we were not allowed to acknowledge the truth that our hearts responded to."
      Steve raised his had as he did in his lecture hall when he an important point to make. "Just imagine what the world would be like if human beings had never been isolated and divided against each other," he said. "What would have been the result? For one thing, no empire would have been able to exist. Empires exist on the strength of wars and terror, and humanity's isolation from one another. None of that would have been possible if humanity were never divided and isolated at its deepest level. And that my friend is precisely what has been set up for humanity on a religious basis, for which religion was abused. Our scientific honesty must be such that we cut through that and respond to the truth. In spite of what he have been given to believe for centuries, the sexual division and isolation that we have practiced for so long is build a lies. The fact is that there is nothing in human sexuality that isn't fundamentally incredibly good. We need to embrace this truth and bring it into our experience as fully and as honestly as we possibly can."
      "And that's what scientific honesty is all about?" I asked.
      "It is about taking the footsteps of responding to the truth, of accepting what we understand to be reality, Peter." Steve replied with stern expression, but then began to smile.
      "What this involves is both challenging and exceedingly exciting," I replied to him, half in a daze, just to reply something. What he proposed was indeed incredibly good. "It seems too good to be true," I added. "It overturns the entire social structure of society."
      "And all the imperial political structures as well," Steve interjected, "since those imperial structures still exist and still rests on the division and isolation of humanity. But before we can deal with that, we have to deal with ourselves. We have to build our own relationships, our regard one another, on the truth; including our marriages; our affections; our emotions; even the basis for our love. And that my friend is what binds us together. In this commitment to one another, which is founded on a love that is incredibly good, the bond between Ushi and me is secure and remains secure, and new bonds grow out of it, different bonds of love perhaps, but bonds of love nevertheless, that will ultimately enrich the whole world in ways that none of us can yet imagine. That's the power of love based on the truth, Pete, and the power of its universal principle. Can you understand this?"
      My own words came to mind suddenly, that I had spoken earlier on in the cafe to Ushi when I felt ourselves being "enveloped in love."

      Steve was leaning with his back against the edge of the window frame while he spoke, as though he were leaning against the frame of the blackboard in his lecture hall, as I had observed he would do when a long dissertation was required.

      "I had asked you in my office to read about the Great Game that the British Empire had started in the early 1800s," he said to me after an extended while of silence. "The book bears reference to our situation right now, because it illustrates the consequences of the opposite course. Naturally, you didn't have time to study up on this. If you had, you would have read about the great game that was set into motion on the same age old strategy of divide and conquer, divide and rule. This is the strategy that the British Empire has pursued for over 200 years, and still is pursuing intensively. According to this time honored strategy the Empire isolates various ethnic tribes and republics and sets them against each other. It has done this for over two centuries in the Caucuses regions and in central Asia. This game, of course, is itself but a part of the still larger game in which the Empire has played the fiddle of nationalism throughout much of Europe. This game once set all the great nations at each other's throats, creating deep divisions that forced them into a war with each other. The organizational task of isolating and dividing the nations had been given to a man named Josepe Mazzini. The purpose of this pursuit in the great game was the breaking up of all the other empires that were in competition with the British Empire. Divide and rule was the method, and war was always the outcome. Naturally, over the years those wars were rapidly escalating in ferocity and brutality.

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