Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 1a - The Lateral Lattice of Hearts.
page 200

      She paused and looked at me, waiting for my comment. "That is how we elevate civilization, brighten the world, and uplift society," she added moments later.

      Yes, she had been right. I hadn't known what love is. "How could I have? Have I been blind all my life?" I asked. "Thanks Helen for opening my eyes," I added. "And you say that all of this was known 5000 years ago?"
      She nodded. "Historical records from the four cradles of civilization: India, China, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, indicate that there have always existed references to these kinds of perceptions. According to a very early Hindu concept, the truth of the infinite and absolute can have no name, no attribute, no description, because, by adding attributes of any kind, the face of truth becomes narrowed, limited, distorted. Ultimately, this is true about love and sex too," she said. "It must never be given a name, or be seen with attributes attached. We must let it be. The idea that I came up with, to describe this as the universal kiss, comes closest to meeting this requirement as worlds upon worlds become defined by it, and those worlds give it meaning and define it in return."
      Yes, I was able to agree with her on that. It all made perfect sense and none at all. But it was beautiful; it was tangible; it was real; I had been touched by it for a brief span and given a new life by its touch.
      "Do you think that a healing has really begun? No more love pains, right?" she said and smiled. "And rest assured, you won't step back into a world outgrown."
      "Right," I answered and smiled back at her. "Except that start of a healing comes a whole bunch of years too late."
      I told her about a new years party that I vaguely remembered when we were kids. After midnight, all the kids had been sent upstairs to bed. We were two boys and two girls, all in the early stages of discovering the dimensions of sex, love, loyalty and so forth. I had my heart set on the younger cousin, and she on my brother, and the older cousin had her heart set on me. We all had narrowly confined expectations. We all stubbornly expected to have our predetermined desires fulfilled. The end result was that nobody's hopes were fulfilled. All that we got, were tears and miserable memories. I suggested to Helen that my attitude should have been: "Oh Life, Truth, and Love, here I stand, snatch my little feet up to thee."
      Helen laughed. She thought that was funny, but she agreed that anything would have worked better than our narrowly defined hopes, desires, and aspirations. We weren't looking at the seashore at all. She suggested that we had been focused on getting and having, instead of on uplifting each other. "If one tries honestly to uplift another," said Helen, "the scene suddenly widens up to encompass infinite possibilities and countless shades of color. Also, don't ever think that a healing comes too late. Can't we reach back into the past and uplift that too? The universal kiss doesn't have to have a physical dimension. It is a part of our humanity that existed eons ago as it exists now."
      "Isn't it amazing what a shift in focus can accomplish?" I replied.
      "Not a shift in focus," Helen replied, "but a widening of it. That's what the seashore signifies. That's what the lateral lattice is all about. That's the principle of universality, it embraces everything. Do not invalidate anything that is good and beautiful, but reach out for the fullness of it."
      She gave me an example. She told me that she had been in Peru a couple of weeks earlier.  A friend from London, whom she had been in contact with, had invited her for a month long tour of Peru.
      "Lima, Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Pucallpa?" I interrupted her.
      "You've been there too, have you?" she asked and began to smile.

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