Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 1a - The Lateral Lattice of Hearts.
page 199

      "How then do you define sex?" I asked.
      She smiled, and then her smile became a grin. "In the lattice it is defined as the universal kiss, the inevitable kiss. It is both universally real and infinite in its individual forms of expressions, but it never falls below the level of being the universal kiss. That brings your love for Erica and for me onto the same level, and all the other loves too, that will ever unfold in your life. And that too, is only the beginning. The lateral lattice of our universal humanity is also one of universal economic development. I call this our universal joy. It is impossible, for instance, to starve Africa to death or kill its population with diseases as your American government aims to do in order to preserve the African continent's natural resources for itself. This process destroys the whole of humanity. Humanity is one. There is either universal self-development promoted throughout the world, or humanity disintegrates into nothing on a universal scale. This has already begun. Mankind is allowing an oligarchy to destroy its very existence. This phenomenon tells me that humanity is dying inwardly. The fire of our joy has gone out. There is no movement happening anymore on the entire global front, for economic development. The wind has died down. Our humanity has become stale. This disease is what we must heal."
      "Thanks for the healing," I replied.
      "No Peter, the healing process has just begun. It may never be fully complete. The lateral lattice of our universal humanity also represents something else. It represents science. Science is a universal human dimension. It is our universal power. We need scientific development, because we are human beings. Not a single human being is isolated from this need. We need scientific development in religion, art, music, culture, technologies, on the whole front of our existence. Nor can we isolate certain aspects of it. We cannot focus on science as a utility to generate technologies that we need. That happens secondarily. We have to embrace science for its own sake, because we are human beings, and scientific development is a part of the human dimension. It is a part of our humanity. It is our power. Unfortunately, we allow this element also to be annihilated by the same oligarchy that has lost sight of its humanity eons ago and is now determined to destroy the whole of humanity as well."
      "Wow!" was all I could utter in reply. "But where does one begin? Which is the most important of the three?"
      "None is unimportant," Helen replied. "There is no such thing as, most important. The universal kiss is our peace; universal economic development is our joy; universal science is our power; the three elements, peace, joy, and power, are the outcome of our universal love for ourselves, for our humanity, for all humanity. You cannot remove one element without loosing the whole. Our love is for all three, or else it is fake. A rainbow includes all colors. Can you reasonably ask which of these is most important? They are all important, or else there would be no white light. This means that we must move forward on all fronts. In science we can never assume that we have reached a point where we cannot move further. There is no end to the infinite. No boundary exists where development ends. This is true also for economic development and social development. Today, we see sex with newer eyes. We see it as the universal kiss. But what does that mean? What visual image do we create for it? This image can only be created in life, and I know from experience that it becomes always brighter as we move forward and develop the principle that it reflects."
      I embraced her and kissed her. It seemed hardly possible to take it all in.
      "So you see, the seashore is vastly greater and more profound than any grains of sand." She said this after the kiss, with a great big smile. "That's how vast and wide and profound and beautiful we should see our humanity and our love for it," she added moments later, "don't you agree? In this manner we will embrace infinity as an aspect of ourselves, and we do it just for the joy of being alive and for the power of it. Then love becomes much more than we ever gave it credit for. It becomes interwoven with a kiss. It enriches our life and the world for the sheer joy of it, as we enrich another's existence."

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 (c) Copyright 1998 - Rolf Witzsche
Published by Cygni Communications Ltd. North Vancouver, Canada