Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 1a - The Lateral Lattice of Hearts.
page 198

      They replied, "Yes, we can understand that. But why do we fight each other?"
      Helen turned to me. "How should the divine word have answered that question?"
      "Maybe the answer should have been that they were all mistaken," I suggested.
      "You are getting close," said Helen. She continued, "I would have asked all the sages of the religions of the world to travel to the nearest seashore and each pick up a grain of sand. I would then have told them that each one of them had taken a single grain of sand and magnified it into something very big, and made a religion of it, and gave it a name."
      "So tell me Peter, what would you suggest I should then tell the sages, that they must do to resolve their problem?" she asked me.
      Ah, here something clicked in my mind. "Of course, the answer must be that they must drop the grain of sand they have in their hand and embrace the whole seashore, the beach, the ocean, and all the gains of sand. The answer must be that they embrace a higher idea, a higher concept. This way they don't have to fight each other anymore. But neither will they have to go back to their people and tell them that what they had fought each other for in the past had been invalid. The good they found before, is still valid. They should be able to see that. Only now, this good exists in the much larger context of a greater and higher idea of all good, that unites all of their diversities. Would you have said something like this to them, Helen?" I asked.
      Helen nodded. She told me that in Nicolaus' story the divine word had answered the sages that they had made one fundamental error. They had mistaken the words of the prophets for the divine word of truth. They had created many prophets and many traditions and given them names. The divine word explained to them that the real truth is obviously something far greater, something that they must open themselves up to; that they must allow themselves to be "snatched up" as it were, to the higher standard of that one universal truth that can have no name, or else it must combine all names.
      "That's how we must look at love," said Helen. "If we do that, love pains become an impossibility. All the questions about sex, marriage, traditions, doctrines, etc., are no longer determining factors when the focus begins to shift towards embracing the entire seashore as a higher idea, instead of just a few gains of sand, or just one single grain."
      She referred to my love for Erica, and now to my love for her too, as but grains of sand. She said that she herself, was constantly aiming to look up from the sand and embrace the entire seashore which opens up to us such a rich world, a world of truth and love that we may never be able to fully embrace. She told me that she had been lonely for most of her life until this new perception dawned. She explained that out of this perception the principle of the lateral lattice began to develop in which we are all invariably linked by the threads of our humanity. She told me that this development changed her life. She said that from this moment on her life became evermore 'explosive' with new horizons, new aspects of love, new people to share her love with. She said it was amazing how rich life had become.
      "This image of the lateral lattice has no room for vertical domination, or a reaching down to lift somebody up. Nor is there any room in it for division and isolation, such as religious division, political division, or sexual division. The very concept of sexual division becomes totally invalid on this platform. It can't exist in any shape or form. There is no such thing as sexual division. No principle supports this notion. Nor is there any division in love. Love cannot loose its object. It begins with us and encircles the universe. It exists, because we exist. The lateral lattice is a lattice of love in which we are bound by the threads of our humanity. You can't take sex out of it."

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