Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 1a - The Lateral Lattice of Hearts.
page 196

      She told me that this process was repeated two times. At three different points, altogether, she had became aware of a need for help, and tree times her response came with equal clarity, with images of what she had felt to be the universal truth drawn from her own experiences. She explained that this image of a lateral lattice of interconnected human hearts is not a dream image conjured up in the intensity of the moment, but reflects a profound perception of a reality that she has long understood and learned to love as the reality of her being and that of the whole of the human universe.
      After two and a half hours of these repeating cycles of a supporting realization of an underlying truth, the need for it suddenly stopped. "The mind became very quiet," she said. "Even though the surgery wasn't supposed to be finished for another hour and a half, everything became very still. Evidently, the point of crisis had passed."
      She told me that her friend looked wonderful when she came to visit him into the hospital that afternoon. She saw a glowing face, a radiant expression, which is totally inconsistent with someone coming out of surgery just hours before.
      "That is what love is," she said to me. "Love is really a scientific process. It unfolds as healing."
      "A scientific process?" I said astounded.
      "Of course it is," Helen replied. She explained that healing involves nothing more than an intensified form of the same scientific process that we are engaged in all the time.
      She explained that normally, when we explore complex issues in our mind, or even lesser issues, our thinking processes involve a linguistic dialog with ourselves. We speak to ourselves in our mind. We construct ideas based on what we know, and we explain them to ourselves, pro or con, in a linguistic dialog that is focused on what we recognize as truth. "But in the intensity of a crisis where immediate healing is required, the linguistic process is too shallow," Helen said. "In critical situations, where healing is required urgently, we reach deeper into consciousness for everything that we acknowledge and understand as the truth. We bring all of that together into a visual construct. We see the functioning of the construct. The linguistic dialog still happens in the background, but the whole realization of everything that one knows to be true becomes evermore focused on exploring and verifying a visual construct that comprises the absolute of what we recognize, acknowledge, and understand."
      She explained that normally a spiritual healer sends her love in the form of one's personal light and personal energy to help someone in need. She said me, "I was able to go beyond that. I know that our common humanity unites us all into a single comprehensive bond. Thus, I was able to draw on the light that constantly flows from each one of humanity and the universe of the humanity that we all share, and focus that light and energy to where it was urgently needed."
      Helen began to laugh. "In a way, I was able to send my friend the light of the world, focused to support my friend's critical need of that moment. That's what lateral love is, Peter. That is how it functions. Healing is a part of this process. And, Peter, it is a beautiful process."
      Helen added that sometimes in the process of healing, the truth that we know inspires us to take some direct actions in support of one another. This may be seen as a kind of visual process in which we become more directly involved in. She said that this process takes us miles further than we had committed ourselves to go in the case of our combined effort of helping her pianist frind in his time of great need.
      She explained to me while we were getting dressed, that she had also sensed such a need for help when she observed me in the pub being lectured by the professor who knows nothing about love. "I am not in the habit of running after men in the middle of the night," she added and laughed. "I just sensed that a healing needed to be accomplished. I also realized that I could play a role in bringing it about. That's what I acted on."

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