Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 25 - The Hydrology of Poyang Hu.
page 194

      Jacky just sat there, dumbfounded. He didn't respond anymore. He didn't say a word as if he had slid into a state of denial himself.
      It was plain to see that Dagmar did her best to draw a reaction from him, especially a positive reaction.
      She told Jacky that her proposal was the only possible emergency measure that offered any hope of succeeding.
      She also had a few words to say about Steve's planned "self-sacrifice," as she put it, by his wanting to go back to the USA amidst that country's worst eruption of police state terrorism in its entire history. She suggested that Steve's intentions for wanting to go back were highly honorable, but insane under the circumstances. She told him that all the policies that need to be implemented for the USA to pull itself out of its mess, have already been laid out years ago by America's pioneer economist, LaRouche, whom nobody had listened to for the last thirty-five years. "What will you add?" she asked Steve. "You will be wasting your time there. Like humanity has as a whole. The people there have been in a state of denial for thirty-five years, ever since that whole mess began. We need to address this denial at the core."
      She told Steve that her project had a greater chance of saving his beloved country, than he would have by his personal involvement there.
      Sylvia and I told him the same thing, based on our own experience.
      Dagmar reminded Steve that literary achievements have a proven potential to reshape a people into a functioning nation. "That's what Homer did," she said to Steve. "The entire Greek Classical period would not have come into being without the literary foundation that Homer created. The same happened when Dante created the literary foundation for the Renaissance to unfold. That's were the real unfolding of humanity began," she said to Steve.
      Dagmar called Steve a great leader. But she said, "Your leadership is of no use against the backdrop of society's denial of reality, and its own self-denial. Leadership and society's self-development must go hand in hand. Humanity's self-development begins here," she said to Steve. "Please help us to uplift the world to the point that it can accept your leadership. Your place to work is here, with us. The world doesn't need another dead martyr. It needs a living hero, and scientist. It needs your genius, your wisdom, your sanity, your experience. We all need you, to help carry out our international literary project. Will you consider helping us, please?"
      She turned to Jacky, too, with the same question. "Will you help us to do what is necessary?" After that she returned to her place where she had sat before.
      Jacky had nodded in response, but hadn't made a commitment. Neither did Steve respond to Dagmar's challenge that seemed to have taken him by surprise. As I knew Steve, this meant that he was searching for a way to uplift the world even more, to supersede Dagmar's proposal, which hardly seemed possible. I was certain that this meant that he was not going back.

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