Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 25 - The Hydrology of Poyang Hu.
page 193

      She suggested to Jacky that the global literary competition should cover three categories: basic literary works, movie scripts, and stage plays.
      "That will never happen," Jacky interrupted her with a great big benign smile. "There is no way that all the combined government on earth would spend a hundred billion dollars on that. Besides, the money simply isn't available to do that."
      Dagmar smiled back at him. "My dear Jacky," she said, "are you telling me that it has become too expensive for humanity to live, so that we must lay ourselves down and capitulate and die? What I am proposing isn't an option. Its a necessity. We are facing a civilizational crisis of unprecedented proportions. The dam is breaking. Humanity is threatened with destruction, by it. Are you saying we can't come up with a piddly hundred billion dollars to save our existence, but we do enough to throw a thousand times as much onto the roulette tables in financial derivatives gambling casinos that produce no gain for society, but are destructive to it?"
      She then said to Jacky, politely, that he is actually very much mistaken about his country's resources. She reminded him that his country, all by itself, maintains a slush fund far in excess of a hundred-billion dollars as a reserve fund to fight off currency speculation. She pointed out that none of these types of funds will be needed when the project has been carried out. She also told Jacky that China is big enough to pay for the entire cost of the project itself, without a whimper, because, even if the money doesn't exist, it can be easily created. She reminded Jacky that money doesn't grow on trees, nor is it limited by the resources of the earth. She told him that it is limited only by human beings' unwillingness to do what is necessary. She assured Jacky that creating a hundred billion for humanity's future would have no inflationary consequences anywhere in the world, because that money would be reflected in new productivity around the world, as the result of that money being spend on a project that opens up a new future for everyone. She told Jacky that inflation results only when expanded credit is pored into non-productive processes, such as financial speculation, from which nothing is gained, which shuts down the productive economies.
      Dagmar told Jacky that he shouldn't worry about money anyway, since the entire global value system is being collapsed by the world's growing insanity about money, and is therefore fast becoming meaningless. She told him to look at the U.S. for instance, which carries a debt load of over thirty trillion dollars, which can never be repaid from the resources of the physical economy. This debt load, all by itself, will crash the global financial system. And it will do it again and again until the debt, or the supposed wealth that it represents, is thrown out of the window.
      Dagmar laughed. "How can an economy that can't even maintain itself, that is in a process of collapsing, pay back any debt at all? It is kept alive precariously, today, by a process of recycling the debt into evermore debt. This collapse cycle won't be broken until the whole system dies and mankind dies with it, or mankind rebuilds its humanity and becomes human again and gets rid of its denial of reality. Then the system will be replaced with one that serves humanity."
      Dagmar pointed out to Jacky that China really doesn't have an option, but to accept her proposal, and if need be, to finance the project itself, because the Chinese economy is probably the only economy that is left in the world that still functions like an economy should, that has a currency that is still deemed to have value. She told Jacky that the U.S. could no longer finance the project that is needed, as it had bankrupted itself too deeply by which its currency has become valueless, even though few people believe this yet. She warned Jacky that China would likely be drawn into the same trap that the USA was drawn into, unless humanity is helped to rebuild itself onto a higher platform than the one that is crashing. She told Jacky that her proposal should be seen as humanity's last chance to save itself, with no one, or no country, standing on the sideline, until the rebuilding is complete. "Right now the dam is breaking up. It's leaking profusely," she said to him.

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