Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 25 - The Hydrology of Poyang Hu.
page 191

      After her little speech Heather returned to her seat and sat down.

      "Does anyone wish to add a suggestion of how we can fix the problems that have been identified?" asked Jacky. "We need to think about concrete solutions. We have heard how bad the global situation is, but little on how to fix it. How do we clean up the lake and the rivers, and protect the world?"
      Dagmar raised her hand cautiously.
      Jacky recognized Dagmar. "Please come forward," he said gently.
      She stepped forward with some hesitation. She began to speak softly. She warned us that her suggestion may sound rather crazy, but that it is founded on historic precedents that have worked. Still, before she told us what her suggestion is, she explored all of the other evident options that may exist for removing America's stranglehold on itself and on the world.
      She suggested that one the options might involve America's own methods, like a preemptive military approach to cleaning out the sources of the poison that flows from America into the world, that flows forth from the lake called America. She pointed out that a military approach would require a huge and ugly campaign in which billions of people would be put at risk, while nothing would likely be resolved by the destruction. She told us that it might nevertheless be physically possible to fight the USA militarily by some sort of global effort to eradicate the world-destroying elements within it. Still, she conceded that the cost would be so huge that there would be no winners in the end in spite of the global destruction. She called the projected result, a large negative gain.
      She told us that she had been trained as an accountant, a long time ago, and that she was trained to evaluate productivity in this manner.
      Next, she suggested that sanctions might be applied against the USA until it would cease its aggressive war against humanity. She suggested, that while this may be difficult to enforce, it could nevertheless be possible to isolate the USA form the rest of the world, and thereby protect the world from its threats, from its intimidations, and from its interventions in the affairs of other nations. Dagmar suggested that such an approach would create such enormous tensions in the world that a war would most certainly break out, which could become a nuclear war. She projected the outcome to be another huge negative gain. She even suggested that a form of financial isolation might be pursued, which would however, lead to the same outcome: a lot of killing and destruction, while nothing gets resolved in the end.
      "So what is the solution, then, when no physical solutions exist that offer any hope?" she asked. "Is a solution even possible?" she asked.
      She suggested that a solution is possible if the focus is not put on the use of physical force, or any other kind of force, but is put on elevating the thinking of the people, both inside the United States, and in the world at large, at their own individual level.
      She repeated that no physical solution is possible to force an end to a crisis that isn't the result of a physical problem. It makes no sense to throw bombs into a poisoned lake in an effort to clean it up. She reminded us that the core of the problem is a problem of denial and self-denial.
      "People have eyes," she said. "They see what is wrong with our world. Their lives are touched by its poison, and are marginalized by it. But they deny what they see and experience. They are dishonest with themselves for the sake of the convenience of not having to act in a rational and human manner, such as what their admitting the truth would demand."
      She agreed that this deadlock in people's mind if heard to break. She suggested to Jacky, however, that this kind of problem does not exist, or does not exist to the same extend, in the social and sexual domain of society where people want to be honest with themselves. She pointed out that the honesty that people would love to embrace in the sexual domain is prevented by only a few ancient and modern axioms that have fundamentally nothing to do with anything real, and that very few people actually believe in.

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