Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 25 - The Hydrology of Poyang Hu.
page 187

      Tony paused for a sip of water. "These are the only existing options we have," he said. "Nothing else will work. Nothing else can work. And those options are viable option."
      Tony suggested that whether or not we win this fight to save our nation and the nations of the world, boils down to a matter of attitude. "If we say to ourselves that we are facing a hopeless cause, than we have already lost. Likewise, if we say to ourselves that we can survive without fighting to uplift and thereby protect humanity, we are as good as dead. We will even loose even if we say to ourselves: What are our chances that we will see results next week, or within our lifetime? If we say that we are not fighting for the right thing. If we are fighting for rewards, and not for the truth and the substance of our humanity, we will loose, because we won't put up much of a fight. But if we say to ourselves that we have the power as human beings to uplift ourselves and others far above the level of the sewer that is threatening to engulf our world, because we have to do that to save civilization, to save everything that is human, so that we open ourselves up to the truth no matter what it takes, or whether we will win in our lifetime, then we can win. With this attitude we will win. We will win, because if we do that, we extend ourselves beyond our mortality and become immortal beings. Then our contributions will be molded to become an asset to humanity, a resource for its strength. Then, no matter how long it will take, we will win. This is also the fastest way to achieve victory in the immediate term, because there is an honesty behind it that is a strength in itself.
      Tony pointed out that if we are willing to do that, and do what is necessary to achieve that, we will discover that the true lodging for the rose is in ourselves, and not only in ourselves, but in every human being as well, just as the gardener finds the beauty of the rose in his own soul before it comes to life in his garden through his care.
      Tony suggested that ultimately, the peace will be won by humanity. Therefore, the question for us to answer is, whether we want to be a part of the victory, or whether we are contend to let humanity slide into hell until there is nothing left to fight for.
      He turned to Jacky. "That is the question that you must consider. It is a question that we all must consider. Indeed, that is the question that most of us on this boat have been considering, as we were struggling to uplift ourselves individually to a higher and a more truthful perception of humanity. We realize now that it didn't have to take that long, because we merely rediscovered what a friend of Peter, a woman by the name of Helen, had presented to Peter right at the beginning. Except, we didn't hear what she had said then, nor had we made an effort to understand what we have heard."
      Tony turned Jacky again. "Don't make the same mistake that we have made. China might not survive the consequences."
      He turned to us all. "The reality is, we have to fight for humanity, because we are humanity. We are a part of its existence."
      He told Jacky that he had learned this lesson quite early in life. "I have been trained by the U.S. Air Force," he said. "We weren't trained to lay ourselves down and surrender at the first obstacle that comes along. We were trained to be resourceful and get around obstacles, or to get over them, and to carry forward the mission at all cost. That became my personal policy. That became the policy of all of us. By this policy we cannot fail to win, and neither will anyone else who adopts that policy."
      Here Tony laughed. "If the victory that we seek will not be won, we won't know about it as we die, while we know that our fight will continue no matter what. We will suffer only, if we don't fight, because then we will witness the dying of humanity and have to say to ourselves that we had it in our hands to do something to prevent that and had done nothing. That's when we die a slow death in agony. But that won't be us. We fight. We fight not with weapons, but with our heart and soul to uplift every human being on this planet regardless of sex, color, religion, or nationality. Maybe that will be enough. The truth belongs to humanity. We do not have to change reality, we only need to celebrate it, and its brilliance. With that we have our day in the sun."

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