Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 25 - The Hydrology of Poyang Hu.
page 183

      Tony stood up to explain. The Middle East problem is not really an Israeli problem, either. It never was. Nor is it an Iraqi, Iranian, or Palestinian problem. It never has been that. Neither is it a Muslim, or Christian, or Jewish problem. It is an American problem on the surface, but more specifically, it is an Anglo-imperial problem, an ages old oligarchic problem, a left over problem that should have been dealt with a long time ago, that we got dragged into. We became one of the major stooges for setting up that problem in the Middle East. That's what the problem is. That's what it has been from the beginning, and that is why we played a major role in it, dancing on the strings pulled by our foreign masters who are hiding behind the scene, who have no soul of their own, and no power, and no credibility to do anything. That why they hijacked us. We created the Middle East mess for them. We put a totally fascist government into power, just as we had put Adolf Hitler into power in Germany with American financing. We did it then for much of the same reason, and by the same process, that we use now. It's the same thing! Only the specific reason is slightly different this time around. The specific reason is to create a perpetual warfare environment in the Middle East in order to prevent a new global renaissance.
      Tony suggested that Jacky demonstrated already that he knows the reason why this specific policy is being pursued. It is pursued, because the Middle East is the critical juncture between Asia and Africa, and between Europe and the Indian Ocean. It literally is the center of the world. Our unstated policy is to never allow the Middle East to fulfill its role in the world as the development hub of the Eurasian/African economic complex. That's why peace won't be allowed in the Middle East. That's our policy, the present American policy. It is also our policy to spread the Middle Eastern wars right across to the borders of Russia, China, and India, as a battering ram to destroy these countries. That's the British imperial policy which they call the Great Game, which has become our policy as far as we are needed in this game for destroying the world. This particular policy, our assigned part of the game, was first put prominently on the map as the 'Arc of Crisis' policy. We don't call it that anymore. We call it now the 'Clash of Civilizations' policy. The name has changed, but the policy is still the same. The policy is to create a permanent religious war throughout that entire area from Israel to Tibet, extending across Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and north from there into the oil rich Central Asian republics, and through Korea into China.
      Tony said that Jacky probably knew all that, but that he probably didn't know the more deeply seated reason for the Clash of Civilizations War policy. That reason is lodged at the very heart of the British/American imperium. That rarely stated reason is an echo of the six-hundred years of history, of that single policy objective, and the developments that led up to it. Tony said that the world stands today at the same point at which Europe stood in 1565 before that infamous eighty year period of religious warfare begun that darkened the face of humanity with the ugliest military escapade in its entire history, prior to the Twentieth Century. In that period of wars Europe was almost totally destroyed and over half of its population was killed. That's history. He said, that is again today's policy. That is why we are egged on to do that again, only on a much larger scale. He said that World War I and II were minuscule compared to what today's American policy has in store for humanity. We are talking about staging a hundred year religious war that involves eight-hundred to nine-hundred million people, and that right in the middle of the entire Eurasian theatre.
      "That's what our policy is," said Tony. "We want to set the world on fire right in the backyard of close to four billion people. That's American policy. It is a policy that has been imposed upon us, and it stinks."
      He said it stinks so badly that it will kill us all if this policy is not scrapped. He explained that the policy is still in the flight forward development mode. "The bombs aren't flying yet, but the train that carries them has left the station," said Tony. "Nobody is talking about scrapping the policy. Nobody is even talking about human beings anymore. We are in the middle of a hate campaign that is totally fascist with a religious coloring, which is absolutely insane. We are terrorizing the world in the name of fighting terrorism. We are targeting the nations with our nuclear weapons for mass destruction, not for anything they have done, but for something that we say they might, or might not do, in the future. We tell them that we will eradicate their existence in order to assure ourselves that they won't be tempted in the future to develop the same kinds of weapons for mass destruction that we have, that we stand prepared to use against them. That utter insanity has now become the policy of the would-be empire of the world."

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