Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 25 - The Hydrology of Poyang Hu.
page 182

      I assured Jacky that our security as a people lies in our humanity, and that we need nothing else in addition.

      Steve disagreed. Steve suggested that a more direct intervention is needed. He told us that the global situation was becoming so critical that he saw no option now, but for him to go back to Washington personally, and inspire the few patriots that may still exist, to cause a policy shift away from the present course which the United States cannot survive. He reminded us that he was the only person of our group who was still allowed to go back and set foot on American soil.
      "It is a tragedy," said Jacky, "that America has exiled all those, with its fascist campaigns, who are most likely able to help it to survive its own madness."
      "That phenomenon is easy to explain," Fred interjected. "The reason is that the USA has had no President for almost half a century. Sure there is someone in the White House who receives the mail, but there has no one been there who fulfills the mandate of the Office of the President. The task of the President is to uphold the Constitution and protect the general welfare of society. No one has done that in half a century. No one has acted in the interests of the United States of America for over half a century. When the Civil Rights legislation was pushed through congress in 1964, that was probably the last time when a President acted as President in the United States of America. After that, all the various occupants of the White House played silly, and often treasonous, games to appease the Anglo/American oligarchy. That is why nobody is safe in the USA anymore, because there is nobody in the White House who stands up for the vital interests of the nation and protects the patriots who would defend the nation. In very real terms, that office has been vacant for half a century while the oligarchy has been destroying the nation at will with the cooperation of the same people whom the citizens have elected as President, but who refuse to serve them."

      Since Fred merely presented to Jacky what everybody already knew, there was no discussion forthcoming. Jacky simply nodded. It appears, that when the truth is understood, no discussion is needed.

      "Has anybody anything else to add?" asked Jacky.
      Tony stood up, but then sat down again. "I don't think you want to hear what I have to say," he added.
      "You had served in the U.S. Air Force, is that right?" Jacky answered. "I am interested to hear your story."
      "I want to tell you about another river that has been poisoned," said Tony, "that has been turned into a stinking river that flows into the lake called America. This river is called the Middle East as you already pointed out. Do you still want to hear about it?"
      Jacky nodded.
      "Then you better sit down," said Tony. Tony wasn't one for fancy theatrics and making big speeches. He pulled a chair up beside Jacky and sat down, too. "Let me tell you a story about that river, a river that was once pristine and clear, that now poisons the beautiful soul of America."
      He paused. "Our Middle East policy that has been shoved down our throat, stinks," he said. "It stinks like a sewer. It gives the whole lake that it flows into an ugly stench. That policy doesn't flow out of America, it flows into it. It is polluting it. I've been in the Air Force. I've been around. I can remember a time when the name, America, stood for something great and honorable in the world. Wherever I went, people looked up to me, to all of us. Now, you just mention the name America anywhere in the world, with a few exceptions, and people shy away from you as if you had just dined on two pounds of garlic. To them, America stinks, because our Middle East policy stinks, our financial and economic policy stinks, our strategic policy stinks, our African policy stinks, our South American policy stinks, all of our policies stink. But that stench doesn't come from us. It doesn't reflect our history. It's not part of our soul as a nation. Someone external to us has meticulously poisoned those rivers that flow into our soul. And the worst of that is reflected in our Middle East policy. It has become an openly fascist, a Nazi like policy. America was never like that. We never supported or excused fascism. We fought a war against fascism. Now we are embracing it. We support the worst murderers and fascists in the Middle East, and we pay them well, and they serve our masters' purposes well. So, who are our masters? Who dictated all that to us? The policies didn't come from us. A nation does not change itself so fundamentally, and so rapidly as America has changed. I think we have been hijacked. We have been invaded by a foreign power that has poisoned all of our rivers with its own poisonous treachery, a treachery that one cannot see or prohibit at the customs gate."

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