Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 25 - The Hydrology of Poyang Hu.
page 181

      He told us that the American commanders had been criticized during the Vietnam War that their soldiers didn't kill enough people, that they were slow and reluctant to kill. Out of this background electronic fast response training was developed, which has now been made available to children, ostensibly to generate profits for the video games industry. In real terms these training machines are designed to create a new breed of soldiers that can be thrown into the quagmire of the planned religious clash of civilization wars that the British/American imperium is aiming to explode in the Middle East and spread right accross to central Asia.

      Jacky told us little that we didn't already know, but it was interesting to note that these problems were more thoroughly understood in China than they were understood in the USA back home. He told us that the Middle East problem, that had been brewing for over half a century, is not really a local Jewish or Muslim problem, or even a Middle East problem, but is a global strategic problem. He brought a map out and pinned it up, on which he pointed out that the Middle East is the central gateway between Asia and Africa, and between Europe and the Indian Ocean. "That's why the region is not allowed to have peace," he said, "because Asia and Africa are not allowed to develop. Their natural resources are claimed by the British American imperium." He told us that America's self-advertised goal is to drag the entire region, including Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan into a "clash of civilizations" religious war to create an explosive war caldron that can be used as a battering ram to eventually destroy China and Russia. "That is what the youth of America and Europe are destroyed for, with video games and mayhem rich entertainment," said Jacky. "The goal is to turn them into stone killers that can be used to stoke the fire of religious warfare that thereby can be kept aflame for decades upon decades, so that there will never be any Eurasian and African economic development."
      "The bottom line is," said Jacky, "that no nation in the world can feel safe anymore in the shadow of this total insanity, much less develop itself economically. The only option that America has put on the table, is for all the nations of the world to surrender their sovereignty and their future to these insane would-be rulers of the world. But that is not an option that any self-respecting nation in the world can accept."
      Jacky said that this dilemma was the reason for which he came to visit us, to explore with us together what options there might exist for China to get out of this trap, and for humanity as a whole.
      I walked over to Jacky and held out my hand. "Let us consider the reality," I said. "The reality is that isolation does not reflect the true image of humanity. Humanity is one. We can unite on this truth as sane human beings and guarantee each other the security we require. This, however, means that we have to make peace with ourselves first. We have to scrap all historic divisions that may exist. We have to bring together all of Europe, Africa, and South America and so forth, into a 1648 style peace treaty - a treaty that guarantees the security of the world. We also have to make it clear to ourselves that the ultimate goal must be to bring America into this treaty. This doesn't happen on its own," I added. "We have to make this happen. We have to provide clearly recognizable leadership on this issue and rally all the nations around that leadership."
      I explained to Jacky that if the insane rule the world, that tells me that there exists no profound leadership in the world that the world can look up to and trust. Otherwise the insane wouldn't rule. Which means, that since this leadership doesn't exist, we must provide it, and this not just in words. I said to Jacky that China has a central role to play in this process of providing that leadership. I pointed out to him that China is one of the few countries on earth that can speak with the integrity of a country that has never attacked another country in the entirety of its recent history, if not its entire history. "That, all by itself, makes China a leader," I added. "China has to reach out to Europe from that platform, to Africa, India, Japan, South America, Mexico, Canada, and so forth, all of which are beautiful areas of the world that are fast being poisoned by the rivers that have poisoned America. China has to take it upon itself to uplift the whole world onto a higher platform, a platform of respect and self-love for the humanity that all human beings share. On this platform we can win."

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