Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 25 - The Hydrology of Poyang Hu.
page 180

      "This is one of the rivers of poison that is destroying America," said Jacky. "There are other such rivers."
      He said that another river of poison that is poisoning America, is the world-financial and economic system that America has created and supports. He said that when America was still alive it was known throughout the world as a fair country of producers and builders, a country of powerful and efficient industries, a country of marvelous infrastructures, a country of people who cared for each other, a country that was admired everywhere as the richest and noblest country on earth. "Now it has become a sewer, like a poisoned lake," added Jacky. "Everyone turns away from it."
      Jacky explained that America's financial system is no longer aligned to enhance production and the creation of infrastructures. It has been reshaped into an instrument for looting. It is looting its own people and the people of the world. America's looting system has destroyed a far greater percentage of the nation's vital industries and infrastructures than all the bombing raids and shelling had destroyed in Germany during the entire era of two world wars.
      "We are now at the point at which a total collapse of America's financial and economic system is imminent," said Jacky. "Any crisis that we have seen so far, no matter how bad it became, must be understood to have been but a foreplay. The rivers that should have nourished America have been poisoned so thoroughly that the poison that flowed out from America has been spread throughout much of the world. America is dying," Jacky added, "and the world is dying with it."
      Here Jacky paused as if searching for words. Moments later he spoke about still another river of poison that is flowing into "the once beautiful country," as he described America. "This river is more poisonous than the other rivers combined," said Jacky. "It has been poisoned by insanity."
      Jacky explained that never before in history has a nation attacked itself so viciously that the entire geometry of war could become restaged by a single provocation. Jacky said that this new geometry, that had been created, enabled America to throw off all resistance that once stood in the way of its utopian's imperial quest for world domination. Under the rubric of maintaining peace, America had reserved itself the right to preemptively destroy any nation which it believes might become a threat to its security at some time in the future.
      Jacky paused, then continued. "In a recently leaked document, sixty countries have been identified by America as potential targets for mass destruction, in addition to Russia, China, and every country in the Middle East, and some in Africa."
      Jacky said that China has been so identified because of the tremendous economic self-development that China has achieved. "We are poised by the industry of our people to become the biggest, the most progressive, and that most powerful economy in the world. America, which is economically dying, sees itself threatened by our potential for further economic development. That is why we are on the list of nations to be destroyed."
      Jacky also pointed out that the growing insanity has become so rampant that America's promises to anyone no longer mean anything. He said that the world's non-nuclear nations had once been told that if they keep themselves nuclear free, they would not be targeted with nuclear weapons. This promise has been thrown out of the window. Now, many of these countries suddenly find themselves threatened with mass-destruction, simply because they might in the future be able to acquire the capability to build such weapons of their own, of the type that America has and threatens their existence with.
      "But the tragedy doesn't end there," said Jacky. "America has not only destroyed its once beautiful culture, but has also destroyed its youth and continues to do so. Instead of providing a meaningful education to its youth to aid the self-development of its population, it has given its youth a vast appetite for junk food, junk music, and violent video games that were initially developed by the military to enhance a soldiers' killing potential, games that were designed to create thoughtless killers of human beings."

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