Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 24 - Queen of the New Law.
page 177

      Steve than began to laugh. "So you see my friend, the war against the empire has really begun," he said. "Rejoice, we are on the winning stretch! What you and Ushi have done in Russia was a pioneering first step in the direction we need to go. We have to fight the fondi at the grass roots level of humanity; and if we do that we will win. The rulers of the empire have no power of their own. They only have the power that humanity gives them. What one gives, of course, can also be denied. In other words, the empire is based on a power that can be denied to them. That is why the empire is fighting so diligently to eradicate the very idea of the sovereign nation state and individual sovereignty at the same time, as it has done throughout the ages. But that won't work for them anymore, because we will make sure it won't."
      "Do you actually believe that you can do this?" asked Giovanni.
      Steve was no longer laughing. "Of course we can," said Steve. "This doesn't mean we have to fight the battle ourselves, to deny the empire its power. The world in which we live is everybody's world. Everybody shares the responsibility to protect the common humanity that we are all a part of. The only thing we can do is wake everybody up; inspire everybody to fight for their life, and to put the fondi, that is oligarchic imperialism, in its place. Its place is the trash bin. That imperial notion of the people who proclaim that the earth has cancer, and that this cancer is man, should be relegated to the trash bin, together with the underlying ideology, instead of being put on a pedestal of respecatbility."
      Heather, who had overheard our conversation, joined in. She suggested that we may have to inspire everybody to react like Sylvia had reacted in Caracas when she ripped up the pre-prepared agenda. "We have to encourage the people of the world to rip up the fondi's agenda in the same manner, and to make their agenda a human agenda, based on Wai-yi's new law."
      Steve nodded his approval. "This means that people have to rip up the foundation on which the fondi have established their power," Steve added. "And to accomplish that, we have to help the people all over the world to discover the riches they have in themselves, socially, morally, and civilly; just as we have discovered them by enriching one another's existence."
      "Isn't that a bit of a hopeless cause?" Heather said to Steve. "Nobody seems to be interested. People are more interested in getting rich by stealing, rather than by building and enriching one another."
      Steve shook his head in reply. "Here is the plan," he said. "The plan is simple. We use the development of China as an example of what can be accomplished, and the projected development of all of Asia. Just look at it, the building of new transportation systems, new cities, new industries, new agriculture. There is no need for anyone to die in poverty anywhere in the world, or to steal from one another. We will use China as an example for what can be achieved through development, based on the common welfare principle. As a matter of fact we have no choice but to do that. China happens to be the only developing country left in the world. This means that we have come to the right place. We have an excellent opportunity here to explore the most dynamic development effort on the planet. We are right in the middle of it. This gives us an opportunity to work with them to advance their achievements, to propel China to the very leading edge in advanced thinking, and to write articles and books about this development, illustrating the principles involved for the benefit of the whole world."
      Steve laughed after he said this. "What we really have to do, is teach the American people the American System of economy that once had made America the richest nation in the world. We have to teach them their heritage that has been destroyed by traitors in America, but which has been revived by China. We have to get the American people to reclaim their heritage, and inspire the rest of the world to follow China's example. And in parallel with all that, we have to start the New Cultural Renaissance of the New Age that we have to draw humanity into. We have to rebuild the very image of man from the grassroots level up, and establish a higher basis for freedom than has ever existed before. That's how it will be possible for us to defeat the fondi that are threatening the world. All that we need to do, is work as hard as we can to uplift humanity to a state of existence that matches the tallest found in history, and then take it beyond that. If we do this, we create a world for ourselves in which the fondi have no place, where people find their riches in the unfolding riches of society."

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