Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 24 - Queen of the New Law.
page 176

      "Would you say that this is a fair estimate?" said Wai-yi Chan quietly to us all while we were sitting at our lookout ledge high above the city.
      Steve simply smiled in reply. Heather hugged her. I answered with a kiss. Sylvia silently handed her a small wild rose and kissed her. She called it the Rose of China. Ushi commented on it, and said that it was the Rose of Love. Ross said it was the Rose of the New Law that was poised to transform the world. Fred agreed, but he called it, The Champagne Rose, representing a discovery one should celebrate with open eyes and open hearts. Tony called the rose, the Rose of the Winds, that carry its fragrance to encircle the world. Giovanni called it the Rose of Truth that had opened its pedals heralding a new age for humanity. Dagmar and Alison called it the Royal Rose of the Kingdom of the New Law, ruled by the twin principles of universal love and universal sovereignty. Mai-seong looked at the rose and said, that in the end, it is after all but a rose. She said that it was our love, the love of all of us together, in respect of the bond that we had build, what gives that rose those wonderful special meanings that we had attributed to it. So, she concluded, that the real beauty and the meaning of the rose, is found in us and was coming alive in us. I suggested that we should let the rose unfold in our harts to symbolize the all-embracing unity of good.
       Here, Wai-yi's face lit up with a smile. She suggested that our boat should be given an additional name that reflects the symbol of our grand realization of the all-embracing unity of good. She suggested that out boat should be called, Lu Rose, The Lodging for the Rose.
      We all agreed that this was a wonderful idea. And so it was done.

      Actually it wasn't exactly done that way. The ship's existing record was removed from the registry as though it had sunk, then the ship was re-registered under its new the name of, Lu Rose. With the fondi's concurrence the registration was put under my own new Chinese name of Hsi-sheng Lee. So it was that a ship by the name of "China Sea Angel" was terminated in the public records as though it sank beneath the sea. The same had happened to my American name. My passport carried my new name. Steve suggested that the renaming of our ship would make it more difficult for the CIA, or the fondi, or the church, to track us down. "It buys us a little more time," he said. "We are not save yet, not even here, not until the world is safe, but one day that will all happen."
      "When will that be?" I asked Steve as we shared a sunny afternoon together on the top deck. From our lakeside dock, Lu Mountain towered in the background. "When will the promise of the mountain be fulfilled?" I added.
      "The promise will be fulfilled when the work is done," Steve replied. "This will be the time, my friend, when all the nuclear missiles and bombs have been eliminated from the face of the earth. That will be our sign." He spoke in a serious tone now.
      "This may never happen, Steve."
      "Then we will never be save," he replied. He said that China is our last place place of refuge in the world. "We are respected here, and we will be safe here for a while, but who knows for how long? For as long as the fondi rule, or whoever would take their place, we are not safe. We have stuck our neck out, and now they are shooting at us. Our only hope is to defeat them, before they defeat us all. When the nuclear weapons are gone, then we will know that the fondi rule no more. Until then, we have work to do. A lot of work."
      "We should not have shut the SDI down, but pushed it through as a cooperative effort, just the way it was designed to be, and fight the fondi at the same time," I suggested.
      Steve shook his head. "We were impotent then. We wouldn't have lasted a week. Nor would we have succeeded. Our understanding wasn't complete. We would have made things worse for a lot of people, working with an incomplete understanding. With this considered, we have done nothing wrong. We moved with what we understood as an absolute certainty. Based on that, we have established a reasonable level of unity. Let's not belittle that achievement. If we had done anything less, we would have been all dead by now. Of course, the work that remains to be done, must still be done. If we stop now, and say to ourselves that it is too late now for that victory to be won, we will end up dead for sure. The fondi won't stop. Neither should we. Nobody is safe anymore anywhere in the world. We live in a world in which governments openly carry out assassinations of foreign leaders with the whole world standing idly by, condoning such actions. We could be the next in line, or the President of China, or Russia, or India. They've got us with our back against a wall, Pete, or should I call you Hsi-sheng? In any case, there is no save place left for us in the world, nor for anybody else. This means we have to fight the empire now. The ruling fondi, the hard core imperialists that have clung to power by who knows what means, are the most insane of the bunch. So we must fight to save our lives, and for the first time ever, we are actually ready to do that."

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