Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 24 - Queen of the New Law.
page 175

      It was against this background that the invasion by the kingdom of the West occurred. The invading forces didn't come by boat or raft, as the queen had come. The kingdom didn't have enough boats or rafts, nor did it have the economic resources to build them, nor the skilled people who would be able to drive them. The invading army came on foot across the mountains that the boatmen said were touching the sky, which they said, no one could ever cross alive. Still, many of them did. They had worked their way up through steeply rising valleys until they were indeed touching the sky. Those who survived the arduous journey to the very end had no heart left for any fighting. Whatever weapons they had still with them were gladly exchanged for food that was offered by their previous queen.
      Many of the would-be invaders still recognized the queen who had come from the city to greet them. She even recognized some of the once proud business tycoons among them who had become mired in the poverty of their own creating, who had then joined the army as a way out. They, too, found a new life in the queen's new country in the East. In this environment everyone became richer. Nor were all of these riches of a type that could be carried away. These riches unfolded from being human. They were the riches of love.

      The western empire that the would-be invaders had come from was never attacked in return. There was no need to do so. It simply died out on its own. There were rumors heard of wide spread crimes and starvation in the dying empire, followed by rumors of pestilence. After a while there were no rumors at all forthcoming. After still a while later, new rumors emerged that the land was being resettled by some of the people who had once fled. Still, no new kingdom was established by the resettlement. The people realized what they hadn't realized before, that they had a choice to choose their own destiny. They realized that they had had the power to overthrow their earlier king who had become corrupted. They just hadn't realized this, then. Now, that the realization was made, they chose not to have a new king, over them. They chose to remain subject to the new law that was cherished by the queen, and always had been cherished by her, that they had learned to value. Thus the two realms simply became one larger kingdom, as indeed, the inhabitants of both realms had become bound together as one people by that law none of them had made, but had merely discovered.
      Much the same happened in the kingdom of the North. The returning people remained united in their bond to each other and to the people of the kingdom that was ruled by a wise king and two queens, and a law that honors all human bonds.

      Wai-yi Chen predicted, as she finished the story, that the same process was now in the early stages of repeating itself again. She said, "the respect for all human bonds came to us from America, where the gentle law is not welcome, where this law had been perverted into its opposite. But this gentle law is being accepted here. It will enrich China where the beautiful things of life are not being rejected anymore. In fact it has already begun to germinate. It has begun to enrich Russia too, and India, and all of Asia. It is coming to light as the law of the general welfare principle. The law of love. The West, of course, will disintegrate since its corrupt system has already destroyed the financial system and the economies of the nations controlled by the West. Many people have already died, and many more will still die in the abject poverty of their own creating. In the darkness of this poverty, China's model based on the new law, on the general welfare principle, the law of love, will some day stand as a beacon of hope for them.
      "Perhaps the day will come soon," said Wai-yi, "when China offers the West its partnership to develop nuclear fusion power for the benefit of all humanity, in exchange for the West destroying its nuclear weapons. China may even offer the western nations food and redevelopment aid after they destroyed their own development potential, and this on a platform that operates without currencies, a platform of equity. Ultimately, there will be just one law in the universe, the law that supports human existence. Then the world will be ruled by one king, one universal principle, and by two queens, one honoring the human bond and its sovereignty, and the other one enriching that bond that binds us all in a single embrace, 'enveloped' in love."

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 (c) Copyright 1998 - Rolf Witzsche
Published by Cygni Communications Ltd. North Vancouver, Canada