Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 24 - Queen of the New Law.
page 169

      Surprisingly, the last hecklers were defeated, not by me, but by Wai-yi and Mai-seong, who no longer acted merely as our interpreters.
      "This is the lesson that China has to learn," said Wai-yi to the hecklers. "We in China have to learn what all people in the world have to learn if they want their nations to survive. Our own history tell us that it will be impossible for us in the long run, as the nation of China, to maintain our economic development, even our existence, unless we become committed to eradicating oligarchism and imperialism. If we fail to do this, all that we have labored to create will be be destroyed by the forces that we protect by our reluctance to defeat them world wide. All nations that presently suffer under the yoke of poverty, debt, violence, terrorism, and war, have no other option than this option for their survival, which is to dismantle the empire that imposes these evils. That means, defeating oligarchism and imperialism."
      Mai-seong added that this has to begin at the grass roots level with an acceptance of the universality of love.
      "The principle that is involved has to be learned from the ground up," said Sylvia when Mai-seong couldn't add anything more. "The principle has to be learned at the grassroots level where we relate to one another in our daily lives. The salvation of humanity will unfold from that foundation as a consequence," said Sylvia.
      "Even sexually?" a man from the front row asked.
      "The universality of love, as a fundamental principle, needs to be acknowledged even in the sexual context," Sylvia agreed. "Oligarchic impositions have denied this unfolding for centuries, beginning with the priesthood that distorted the Decalogue for its own purposes. They even imposed the death penalty to smother at the very outset, the universality of love."
      "The principle of universal love has to be drawn into focus again," I said to the students. I suggested that this includes bridging the division between the sexes, and ending the isolation that has been created between people. "We have to begin to learn to love at every level," I said to them. "There is no level where love does not apply. We have to rip up whatever divides and isolates us. And we have to go still further. We have to take the next step, which is harder to take. We have to defeat the coveting of property. We have to stop diluting ourselves with the notion that money is wealth. The wealth of society lies in its productive power. Money is a regulatory tool. Coveting property is self-delusion, self-denial. Coveting property is piracy; a total denial of the universality of love. We have to achieve a paradigm shift away from property mythologies, back to the wealth of human production for the universal goog, which reflects the principle of universal love. If we fail to make this our goal, we become imperial property ourselves, which means we become empty shells."
      Sylvia told the students that Moses appears to have understood this to some degree, that all of these factors are key elements of civilization, since they all became imbedded in his Decalogue that can be seen as a constitutional declaration of human civilization. Sylvia explained that the principles set forth therein are far from being just a collection of arbitrary rules. They are scientifically recognized universal principles that no one on this planet can get away from; that are fundamental to everything related to intelligent existence.
      Sylvia sighed, then smiled. "Some day, we, as humanity, will begin to re-learn in a dedicated fashion what Moses already knew."
      Sylvia gave the floor back to me.
      "Some day we will stop killing one another in the name of preventing killings," I said, "and stop to reign with terror in the name of preventing terrorism, and stop to wage wars in the name of preventing wars. Right now humanity cannot see the contradiction in its terrible pursuits. Thus, the nations go on meeting terrorism with terror, hate with hate, violence with violence, war with more war. We bomb one another until there is little left to be bombed, and then we bomb the ruins until this cycle is either interrupted intelligently, or the world is plunged again into a new dark age. We can interrupt this cycle only by tearing up the insanity within ourselves that perpetuates the cycle or helps to perpetuate it. Some day we will learn the wisdom that already existed in ancient times and acknowledge that the death spiral towards a new dark age can be broken with a commitment to the principle of universal love, the general welfare principle, the principle of sovereignty, of mutual respect, and of enriching one another in love. Some day we will get to this point," I said. "Until that day comes, we must fight for its appearing by practicing the underlying principles ourselves, in our own life, to the fullest extend possible. And let us be sure that we do this with an intensity of effort, as if our own life depends on the outcome, because it does."

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