Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 24 - Queen of the New Law.
page 168

      The fourth demand is, that one does not lie to one another, or more fundamentally, that one does not lie to oneself in denying ones innermost nature as a human being. The active principle in this case demands that one acknowledge the riches of the human being in terms of its potential scientific, technological, and cultural development, even ones own potential for developing oneself individually and for uplifting the world. This principle is not easily applied in an imperial and competitive environment where the incentive is for tearing one another down. Nevertheless, this principle is imperative. This principle, in turn, sets the stage for the final demand, the demand not to covet property. The active principle, in this case, is universal sovereignty and freedom - freedom to develop and freedom to love. Unfortunately this also the hardest principle to implement. The clamor for property underlies all imperial issues and motives; all of its apparent glitter and its apparent riches, but also all wars; all genocides; all slavery; violence; deprivations; fascism; and terrorism.
      I suggested that the students search through the background of their own cultural history for a parallel to these five principles. I suggested that they appear to be reflected in the teachings of Confucius. I told the students that the western degenerative, so-called Christian doctrines, such as the "eye for an eye" doctrine and all the other murderous penalties found in Hebrew law, are actually imperial creations enshrined as law by a powerful, religiously centered oligarchy, that created these laws for its own interests in its quest for dominance and power. "This doctrinal imposition still rules in our modern time," I warned the students, "whenever imperially created doctrines are enshrined as law. This imperial imposition governs more and more of the policies of humanity today," I added.
      I told the audience that America fell deeply into this trap from the first day on that it allowed itself to become the servant of the British Empire a long time ago, which at the time was the last of the historic world-engulfing empires. "Our task must be to get America out of this trap," I said to the students. "We must free America together with every other nation or religion that has become similarly entrapped." It told them quite simply that it was in their own interest to fight for this process of uplifting humanity out of this trap. I suggested that every person assembled in the auditorium must realize that China has no security for as long as the vital task for the liberation of humanity is not fulfilled. "If we allow America to remain trapped in its servitude to an imperial oligarchy, even if this oligarchy exists right in its midst, then we tend to become trapped ourselves into the same servitude, as indeed, large segments of the American population already has become entrapped, without knowing that they have. In other words, no nation can be free until all nations are free," I added.

      This presentation seemed to break the ice a little, though some hecklers remained, calling me an idealist. Many spoke in English. Our ladies translated their comments for everyone else's benefit.
      My response to them was that one can only defeat terrorism, wars, or the cycles of genocide, with love; or more specifically with universal love and with worldwide economic development, by which we enrich one another's existence. This means one has to defeat oligarchism and imperialism in one's own consciousness first, and then let this be reflected in the world at large. "Until this is accomplished, the imperial oligarchy, whatever its face or nationality may be, will continue to entice people to loot and to kill, and to finance ever greater forms of terror in order to prevent world wide economic development and the sovereignty of nations according to the oligarchy's wishes. Wars, terrorism, destruction, genocide, and so forth, are all exclusively oligarchic tools for maintaining power and for protecting its wealth. Humanity's goal must be to eradicate oligarchism by creating a new renaissance in thinking. Nothing else stands in its way of experiencing the natural flow of love, and the resulting universal prosperity that comes with universal love."

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