Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 23 - Geometry of an Abduction.
page 163

      The eleven o'clock briefing revealed essentially the same story that Jacky had already told us. The duty officer filled us in with a few more details. Hardly anyone else was there, anyway. Mr. Cheng had already gone home, and so had the people under him, except Jacky. "Is this a good sign?" I asked Jacky.
      Jacky shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. We don't have many cases like that. But it does mean that the wheels are turning. He looked at his watch. We are in the sixth hour. The wheels are in motion. All we can do is wait. Let's trust that the looms will spin their web."
      "How long?" I asked. "How long must we wait?"
      Jacky shrugged his shoulders again. "Nobody can answer this question. It could be six hours; it could also be six days. Nobody knows."
      "This is going to be one hell of a tough wait," I commented.
      Jacky nodded, silently. "This is not a military operation," he added moments later, "where you get a press briefing every half hour. This is an operation that doesn't even officially exist. There are no status updates. The ship is running silent. It may be that we don't hear anything until Indira has arrived in Chongqing, or Beijing, or wherever she will be sent."
      "And the other people of my family in India?" I asked. "Are they in danger?"
      Jacky just smiled. "I think the people whom we get involved in this case will deal with the fondi very cautiously so that there will be no danger. They may bypass the fondi as much as possible. You can do that if you understand the system. India is not the USA. It's one thing for the fondi to send their goons after some helpless people who are a natural pushovers, because of their fear, their isolation, and their impotence; it is quite another thing to drag some powerful people into a situation that puts their established positions at risk. The know there will be hell to pay when things go sour. This is the weak flank in their game that we will exploit to the full, by which we ill succeed. We may very well get Indira out of India before the goons actually realize that she is gone, and those who helped them will turn against them. They won't widen the war after that, but retreat. Still, you should consider inviting your friend Olive to come to live in China when this is over, just to be on the save side. Austria is far away, and our relationship is not as strong.  Also, the fondi have a lot more power there. It would be difficult to intervene in the same way. Of course, inviting Olive has to wait now. One step at a time."

      Jacky's comment that the ship is running silent proved to be a God sent for the next days. I was conducting my lectures that Jacky had arranged, and at every step on the way I kept the thought right up in front, that I am doing this running silent. "Not a word, not a gesture, not a worried look," I told myself constantly, day after day. Still, it became increasingly harder to comply; and it would have been worse in the evenings had it not been for the generous support that we all provided for each other.
      At first, it was just an exercise to escape from our fears? But soon it became more than that. We spend the evenings in the highest level scientific pursuit that we could manage, in exploring the great Principle of universal Love; the principle that Mary had defined as a divine Principle; that the Rig Veda called The One Divine with Many Names; that Christ Jesus had embodied in life; that John had defined as the very essence of our humanity; that we recognized ourselves to be the substance of our divinity that transforms everything ordinary into something extraordinary; that we recognized to be something much greater than anything that exists anywhere in the universe, except in the human realm.
      These evening research sessions became a prayer, so it seemed, but of a most unconventional kind. We were kneeling not with bended knees before the altar of some esoteric, remote God. Nothing like that happened, but it was still a type of prayer. We were kneeling with awe before a growing recognition of the universal Principle called Love that the Rig Veda alludes is the Father and the Mother of the universe, including man, that we also recognized is the essence of our being, of our divinity, and that of everyone else of humanity.
      Jacky was right, I hadn't accepted the last part as a reality. I had been struggling and fighting alone for most of my life as if this truth didn't exist, that we are all human beings, responding to the same Principle. I had approached our crisis as a lone beggar, without realizing that the universal oneness of all being is a Principle that includes also myself as well as everyone who loves. I realized that I was as much in need of a rescue in this regard as Indira was in need of a physical rescue. Those evening discussions appeared to have filled this void.

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