Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 23 - Geometry of an Abduction.
page 162

      I just shook my head. I had no idea.
      Jacky told me moments later that this top man considers the letter from the fondi to be a national insult. "We are not the USA," he said in the initial meeting, "where the fondi and their collaborators own everybody. They may own the U.S. justice system. They may own the Congress and the Senate to a large extent. They may even own the President, as they obviously do. Against this background, the fondi have great power. But they don't own us. They expect us to behave like all their henchmen in the U.S. would behave. They expect us to be steeping out of the way to let this thing happen."
      Jacky told me that it isn't going to happen the way the fondi imagine. "Mr. Cheng made that quite clear in the meeting, saying that people who respect China are respected by China. He said that people who help China are helped by us. People who love China are loved by us; and those who respect, help, and love humanity, like these people do, will be treated with love and respect by us, as if they were ourselves."
      "But Mr, Cheng isn't a professional in this sort of game, is he?" I asked cautiously. "What can a bureaucrat do? A wrong move and Indira is in danger."
      "Mr. Cheng is not just a professional, he is the leading professional in this kind of work, perhaps even more so than Fred is a professional in his field," said Jacky. "I think he will handle this case personally for the very reason that he is good at it. He will assure that not the slightest thing can go wrong. Actually, I would be surprised if he wasn't on the phone right now for a lateral consultation session with his high level counterpart in India."
      "Won't that set off alarm bells all over the place?" Ushi asked.
      "You forget that the caste system is still very much alive in India," answered Jacky. "A good relationship with China is important to India. Mr. Cheng will lay the problem into a very high level cradle in India, and whoever owns that cradle will assure for their own benefit that nothing goes wrong. They will do this, because their head is in the sling all the way up the ladder if something goes wrong. A good relationship with us is worth a lot to India."
      "I agree," said Steve, "Mr. Cheng's counterpart, whoever he may be, won't take any undue risks. We can count on that."
     "He will likely select someone who is one level lower on the social ladder," Jacky suggested, "someone whom he can trust absolutely, preferably someone who operates outside the security apparatus but has a lot of authority of his own, who in turn is dependent on him. If such a person wants someone out of a prison, or arrested for interrogation; or be promoted; no one will stand in the way. It just won't happen. Unless the fondi have an entire goon squad of their own running this game, they have to use local people, and those local people work within that system. These people are really a two edged sword for the fondi that can strike just as swiftly against them. We suspect that they will have locals guarding Indira. Also, since this is already an international affair that could receive high level attention, those local people will be very careful in the way they will treat Indira, so as not to burn their bridges. It is important to them to keep an exit route open in case something goes wrong, and they will be sensitive to the slightest sign of this happening. Harming Indira would incur unnecessary consequences if something goes sour, so they won't. They sooner lean the other way. I can almost guarantee you that. They will treat Indira with the utmost respect. They are all very much aware that they will have to be able to continue to live in India after the fondi are gone. Their ultimate loyalty, therefore, lies not with the goons who hire them. If the right person wants to know where Indira is being kept, this information will materialize very quickly, without the fondi becoming aware of it."

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