Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 23 - Geometry of an Abduction.
page 161

      "Apparently it was all sparked by something you had said. Apparently there was something special about the way you had described our common humanity. You had said something to the effect that its substance is Love, and that this, all by itself, makes us more precious. You told her, that by this single factor, the most ordinary becomes extraordinary; melodies become music; sounds become speech, and speech becomes communication, and communication becomes industry and economy, and so forth. She told me that your marriage to each other was nothing more than just a shared realization that we are all one as human beings; a single humanity, from the grassroots level up; individually as globally."
      "So, it was on the strength of this interview that you allowed us to stay in China?" I asked. "Is this what you are saying?"
      "No Peter, the interview was just the crowning touch."
      "So, why are you bringing this up, then?"
      "Isn't it obvious, Peter? I am trying to tell you that Indira is as highly valued by all of us, just as you value her yourself." Jacky grinned again as he said this. "She is precious to us."
      "You have developed a close relationship with her then, I take it. She is a wonderful person, isn't she?" I replied.
      "That she is," said Jacky and began to blush, "but we came never that close. It wouldn't have been possible. I stood before her like that beggar that she had talked about in connection with the prayer mat. I knew that I had a lot of soul searching to do, as a human being, before we would meet again, and I have. She means a lot to me, and to a lot of people for that reason. I am bringing this up so that you don't worry, because you are not the only one who values her as highly as you do. I don't know what it is that is so fascinating about her, but she has made me intensely proud of our country. A lot of what she spoke about, I see reflected in our people. I must admit, it has uplifted my attitude towards them, even towards myself. I have become richer as a person. Indeed, what she stands for has touched quite a few of us in that sort of way. Naturally, I had wanted to invite her to China at the time of the interview, but it wasn't my business to do so. Now it has become my business. It has become the official business of China to get her here safely. Believe me, this will happen. Her perception of love, and of ourselves as human beings, has inspired quite a few people, including some people fairly high up in influential positions that I have been talking to. I think the fondi will have a surprise coming when they realize what they have stirred up."
      "So what will be happening now?" I asked. "Are you going to arrange something tomorrow, and get someone to help us with this?"
      Jacky just laughed. "Tomorrow?" he asked. "It's already happening. The clock is ticking. At eleven o clock tonight," he looked at his watch as he said this, "we have the first situation update in the security situations room. This has become a high level case. The clock started ticking the very moment that message was sent. The fondi thought they were sending it to a hotel. The clock started when the sender's origin couldn't be verified, to be logged. This puts the message electronically into an exception cue that a communications officer must look at. Since there were very peculiar circumstances involved, the message we re-cued to the securities desk. Technically speaking, the message was sent from a server that doesn't exist on any of the Internet databases. It becomes then the task of the duty security officer to read the message and render a risk assessment, if a risk is involved to the nation of China. The officer on duty gave it a very high risk assessment which got me involved, my boss, and two more levels above us. It so happened that the man at the top level, Mr. Cheng, happens to be familiar with Indira ever since my interview of her after you arrived in China. He knows what she stands for and what she has accomplished in India. He also knows how deeply I was impressed by her and still am. I realized from talking with him during a party, that he shares my feelings and respect. Apparently he made some enquiries of his own. It doesn't happen every day, you know, that top level diplomats, like Fred and his people, have to flee their country in the middle of the night as you had to do, to escape a political witch hunt. In short, he has become involved in your entire case himself. He had kept himself informed about what has been happening with you; how you fit in; how you relate to China; how you support us in our goals; how you have strengthened our efforts to achieve those goals, and continue to do so."

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