Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 23 - Geometry of an Abduction.
page 160

      I just shook my head, still in disbelief. But soon I nodded, even smiled. Wow! what a wonderful feeling it was to be able to smile again.
      "That is why you have to trust us," Jacky added. "You must promise us that you will not leave tomorrow. There will be a University lecture scheduled tomorrow that you will conduct, and another one in another city on the next day, and so on until Indira lands in Chongqing. Naturally, you will perform on every one of these occasions, exactly as you did today. You will be alert; responsive; dynamic; not absent minded. You will do all that while we deal with the situation the fondi has created for us."
      I nodded and said thank you. I said thank you many times, and reached my hand out with tears in my eyes.
      "I know, it will be hard for you to do these lectures," answered Jacky, "and act as if nothing has happened.  I can well imagine that, but you've got to do it. You've got to give the performance of a lifetime tomorrow, and the day after, and maybe one more time after that."
      "I'll give you Indira's address," I said while we were still facing each other after our handshake. "She lives just a few blocks off Chandni Chowk. I've got her address with me in my records."
      Jacky waved me off. "That won't be necessary, I know where she lives, I've been there. I have interviewed her while you were on your way to Yibin. She's got a lovely view from her balcony, I mean, your balcony; all the way across Old Delhi. Your flat is on the seventeenth floor, right?"
      "You met Indira?" I replied astonished.
      "The interview was necessary. Remember, you supplied the address yourself as a reference, as was required when you entered the country," said Jacky without changing his tone of voice.
      "I hope you can understand then, why I was so worried," I replied. "I still am."
      Jacky sat next me on the bed after I sat down again and put his arm around me. "You have no need to worry about anything. She will be treated according to her status. To me, she is one of the national treasures of China, like you are." Jacky began to grin as he said this.
      "What did she tell you when you interviewed her?"
      "She told me the story of your prayer mat, Peter. She told me that she had contemplated committing suicide before you came into her life. She told me about the massacre, something terrible that she had witnessed in the aftermath of a huge killing spree. Having witnessed that, she became ashamed to be a human being. She told me that you had discovered a new universal principle, the principle of universal marriage which reflects the universal Soul of our common humanity. She told me that you explored together the dimensions of universal love and universal sovereignty, and how love is the very essence of the divinity of the human being. She said that you opened the Rig Veda to her as no one ever had. You explained that Love, as a universal principle is the One Divine Reality that the Rig Veda reveals as a singularity with many Many Names, which you had explained as being natural, since we are all the sons and daughters of the One Divine Reality that is Love.
      "But there was something else that impressed me even more, and that was the story of the prayer mat itself. She was weaving this prayer mat for her future husband, but she couldn't image who that might be. She felt that everyone who suited her was as empty inside as she felt herself to be, each hoping that the other would provide the fulfillment in life that each one lacked. She realized that a marriage on this basis would have been like beggars begging each other. So she was searching for this self-fulfillment. She told me that something clicked when you explored together the principle of universal love in the context of the Rig Veda. That's when she remembered the prayer mat. That's also when she became daring and looked at herself in the mirror with no clothes on, which had always inspired shame before; but no more. She told me that she saw herself enveloped in love, by her own love for herself, which she realized was rooted in the humanity we all share. She said it was that simple. She told me that this new image of herself was almost divine. It roused such great joy that she was impelled to share this joy with you. That's how she had put it.

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