Agape: In Search of Universal Love
from the novel, The Lodging for the Rose
Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

Story 22 - For the Sake of Truth.
page 155

      I suggested that this person didn't likely force the others what to do, like a dictator would. Nor would this person likely have been recognized as a leader, who merely illustrated the utility of a beneficial principle that other people were able to understand and use to create a better world for themselves.
      I pointed out that the same attributes still defines leadership in today's world. "Today's leader is a person who represents the best of mankind's intellectual tradition, developed through the ages," I said this firmly, to emphasize this fundamental fact. "A real leader represents the principles that have been developed in that tradition, that have historically elevated civilization. A leader is one who is able to draw together all the developed traditions and principles, and is able to apply them to current situations in order to elevate society anew, back to the highest previously established humanist platform, and then a step further. Such a leader will never be a person who tells a people what to think. Instead, the leader will support society's own self-development as a human beings. That support will be drawn out of the depth of the leader's advanced self-development that defines the leadership qualities. A leader, therefore, is a person who is sufficiently ahead of society's self-development to be able to make the leading principles of mankind's history accessible to society; who can warn of subtle errors; who can encourage the budding consciousness to reach ahead; who can also give a credible assurance by example that a person is able to reach incredible heights of scientific perception and effectiveness as a human being."
      I pointed out further that a real leader is also a profoundly human person, a person who can inspire society to respond to tragedies in such a way that the suffering that has been incurred will not have been suffered in vain, but can be used as a catalyst to raise the platform of thinking above the failures that caused the tragedies, in order to create a world in which such tragedies cannot occur again. "A true leader," I said to the audience, "will not respond to war atrocities with cries for retribution, as one hears this so often, but will respond with policies for elevating all parties in a way that can serve as a platform for winning the peace."
      I pointed out that LaRouche is a leader in terms of all of these definitions, because he has that kind of an effect on society's self-awakening. I also pointed out that all of the massive slander that is routinely directed against such leadership, always comes to light in the end as an indictment of the slanderers themselves, because a true leader represents the truth, and one cannot slander the truth without advertising ones own ignorance of it. I also pointed out that the same holds true in the positive direction. Whoever supports a great leader with his or her own understanding of the truth, will invariably be recognized by those who seek the truth, as a person with leadership qualities of his own. I suggested to the people in the audience that this attribute applies to countries as well as to individuals. I pointed out in this context that China is a nation with a profound cultural tradition, and has therefore a well established background to put itself into this kind of leadership role, and that this role invariably also involves supporting the most advanced individual leaders in the world. I suggested that it is in China best interest to develop this kind of national leadership position, centered on LaRouche's leadership, as some other nations were already in the process of doing.
      I suggested that once this larger threshold towards the truth is being crossed around the world, the terrible dangers that exist in our world, will surely end. "If this happens," I said firmly, "we will win the fight that we must win for our civilization to survive; and we will see in our lifetime the beginning for a new world without poverty, persecution, and war."

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